Thursday, December 29

is myx vj geoff wearing a bowling pin or snowman costume?.. coz he does look like a bowling pin to me... heSnowman_2heheheBwlngpin 

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chemical fertilizer: bad?

i wen to lsu yesterday coz my brother requested me again to ask rainfall data in LSU PAGASA.. (my brother is a regional statistician in BAS) and while in the multicab to senior citizen was talking about chemical fertilizer.. well, they were talking about a place in cebu, i think it was toledo that plants will no longer grow because of using too much chemical fertilezer.. and they were talking bout someone saying that leyte├▒os and boholanos should stop using chemical fertilizer so that it wont happen to them what happened to cebu... u see? eavesdropping isnt really that bad... sometimes u learn from eavesdropping... hahahahaha.... i think eavesdropping could be a strong word coz those two have have loud enough voice that i think everybody in the cab can hear them... neweiz, we should remember that chemical fertilizers burn plants more easily than the organic products.

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Sunday, November 27

huhuhuu.... how sad... i broke my phone... :C....

i dont know what happend im just txting and suddenly the keys are not functioning... after i while when i pressed the keys, the letters that appeared is not the corresponding letter to the number... i dont know...

maybe because nabasa man gud xa sa cologne sa ako bag... naa na man gud ko memory gap... makalimot na ko la pa d.i nako siradu.i.... ngyawk...

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Girl_runs                          meet my fave character when i was still young...

i think i was 6 then...

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Wednesday, November 16

white is a color and so is black

i dont believe that black is not a color nor white is not a color... what i beleive is transparent and colorless are not colors... you see, white can cover the color underneath and so is black which means they are color... okies?... and so, there no such thing as not a color... transparent may be (puede pa)...

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Friday, November 4

advice? i dont know....

"what if the advice columnist runs out of advices?": that was the line of hilary duff as lizzie in lizzi mcguire series at the episode where she became the advice columnist of their school website.. and its hitting me now...

last day, marden told me that joben and al recommended me to give a good advice to their friend who has a problem in lovelife... i wonder if i can still give advices... i dont know why they even believe that im good at that.. (im not a love doctor, wakikikikik)... maybe because my friends come to me when they feel down.. well, im just trying to lift their spirits up.. now, i dont know if i can still give advices that my friends expect to hear from me.. i feel like i run out from advices... ii havnt heard of problems for a long time now...

and i dont know if im still good in listening.. waaaahhhhhhhhh..... heeeellllllllppppppppppppp....its seems like this past few days or even months, im not taking life seroiusly.... waaaaaaahhhhhh........... buang na ko.......

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Thursday, October 20

for yen only

Yen has been my friend for almost 12 years now. I have seen Yen in her down times and happy times. There have been lots of fights and debates between us that God did not permit to last long. We reconcile soon. Our friendship started when we were still in 1st grade since we were classmates. It was as if yesterday but it was long ago. I can still remember those times that Yen would come to our house to play. Vacation from school and Saturdays and Sundays during school year were spent as play days. She will come to our house early in the morning and she would really wake me up. Actually I can hear her ask my sister if I’m around but I’ll  pretend to be asleep since I’m honestly really sleepy. My sister would ask her to wake me up and so she will continue her journey to my room and I have no choice but to wake up. We used to play house. We used to play school, in which I’m the teacher and she’s the intern with our other playmates as the students. We even bought a real class record. We used to love pretending as candidates for Little Miss


. We designed the wall of my room and made my bed the stage. It was fun and I miss those days. Anyway, this routine was until 3rd grade. I don’t know but there was nothing much memory in 4th grade.  Only those times when we went swimming in punong and the time when we went swimming with yen’s cousin Nongnong who was afraid to take a dip in the water. Maybe we hadn’t much memories because we were in different cliques. 5th grade brought back our closeness. We had lots of fun again. I can still remember the funs and enjoyments with the marching band practice and the excitement for the contest. Actually yen wanted to play the glockenspiel or the lyre but our band instructor wanted her to be a band baton twirler. It was because she was pretty and she was so thin that our instructor believed that she will easily get tired carrying the glockenspiel. We used to play patentiro, 7-7 up- coca-cola stop, p.s p.s together with our friends in elementary  before the tutorial session starts. By the way my mother was offering tutorial back then. Our food trip back then? It was pospas, isaw, hotdog, roller coaster and Mr. chips, for kids only.

            In high school, we were in the same school but not in the same class. She was in scheme one and I were not, but closeness did not change. We got to school together and go home together. Banana-cue was our food trip in Visca (LSU). Banana-cue is usually the snack of the people from visca. Thought yen transferred in FCIC in 2nd year high, I still visit their house and we still have lots of “laags”, especially in our 3rd and 4th year high, since I already transferred in FCIC. In FCIC we met our new set of clique and enjoyed their company. Our exam in FCIC is usually spent two days in a row and use only half of the day. The second day of exam in the afternoon is spent with barkada. We either go for swimming as if celebrating that exam is over. Our venue is either in Kilim in which Glenn is the host or in Punong in which April is the Host. If not swimming we got ot visca in which the boys will play basketball with the visca high school boys and we girls will spend the time in visca beach. We also love video karaoke which is usually spent in Mico’s house. On vacation, in the afternoon when the sun has almost set, we spend our time in the veterans’ park together with our barkada just chit-chatting. If its already dark it will be time for us to go home.

            Yen is a very simple girl and enjoys simple things. Her usual get up is just a simple blouse and jeans. She seldom wears skirt and sleeveless tops. Her favorite scent is herbench. Her favorite color is yellow and her favorite song is SOMETIMES by Britney Spears. She also loves the song DELIMMA by Nelly. She uses the nick RUSH when playing counter strike. Yen is my confidante. I trust her.  I can tell her everything and I can open my secrets to her without worrying that she will open it to anybody. I come to her during my down times. We share each others greatest dreams and even nightmares. Yen used to be “tihik”, anyway according to her its just wise spending. She used to look up to me, but don’t get me wrong, it was because I was taller than her, but in high school she outgrew me, now its my time to look up to her. Yen is yen and will never be anybody else. She’s a friend that nothing compares.

            Yen, its your 18th year in the world. Time has passed and things have changed now. Though we both miss those days, we can never turn back the time. Look in the future lots of things are waiting for you there, but never rush life. Whatever path you will take and whatever decision you will make, always seek God. Yen, I’m leaving you this verse, Proverbs 3:5-6; trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not in you r own understanding in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct you paths. Yen, when you reach the pedestal, never forget the people the helped mold you into what you are now, your parents your siblings, your family, your mentors and your friends. When you’re feeling down, we are always here. Yen, listen to this, this is very important, Happy 18th birthday Yen!

hehehehe.... bday man gud ni Alien as in Fegie Lynn bah pag ka 15.. debut nia to the world.. char!.. anyway.. la lang ko lingaw....

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Wednesday, October 5

friends forever

smart cool

a loving soul

rushing for me when i call

would you catch me if i fall?

genuine treasure

lets continue or friendship until to the future

we will join our hands together

knowing we will be friends forever

a modified haiku for all my friends.. char!

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Thursday, September 22

life is so short

i met rizza when i passed by in their house.. we talked a while and she broke me this bad news.. neil's father died last sunday.. i was shocked.. nobody told me bout this.. i double checked... "neil's father? as in the fireman in hilongos?.. i remember his father since he was very accommodating when we went to hilongos for the alingisig... we went to the fire station. while neil was taking a bath, april, joyce and i prepared ourselves, neils father offered his soap so we could wash our face...

i asked rizza if we could go tonight to neil's house and give our condolences.. im going to fetch her when i come back from our lsu-ac (ambassadors for Christ) praise and worship service.. but she told me that she's also going to jihann's house coz he's father also died from an accident... wew..

i drive home from our service in lsu and met jinggoy... i asked about neil and told me he's okay... and his being his usual self... well, the hardest part when a loved one past away will be the time he died and the time of burial.. after we talked i met neil... well, he was ok, i think.. or he's just trying to cover the pain... i promised him ill go to their house tomorrow with our other friends...

his father died young because of some illness, which i don’t know particularly what is it.. people should realize now that life is too short to be wasted with worldly things... people should start living their lives the Christian way coz people are saved only if they have done what God wants them to do while they're still alive and not after death... people are saved if they have offered their lives to God and believes in Him.... all i can do know is to pray to God for strength in their family ...

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Tuesday, September 13

chicken or egg?

I have read a joke from a book about a man ordering chicken sandwich and egg sandwich to find out which comes first. I then remember that my brother used to ask me the same question of which came first. Whether I answer egg or chicken he would give me reasons to prove that my answer is wrong. Well, I was young then and don’t really know how to rationalize things.

            Now I know that the answer to this question depends on how the person perceives it. The person will answer egg if he perceives the question as to which came first in the process of life cycle. We have learned from our science and health class in elementary that chicken came from egg. The hen will lay eggs and the eggs will soon hatch until one day will become full grown chickens.

            If the person perceives the question to which came first into the world, he has to answer chicken. The logic on creation comes in. when God created the animals he surely didn’t create chicken eggs because who will lay those eggs? When God created the cattle and creeping things and beast of the earth, each according to its kind on the sixth day, he created them as is. Just like when he created man on the same day. He created man not as a baby but as an adult.

            The agony of which came first has been passed from generation to generation. Which ever may came first, I am just so glad that chicken existed. For without them, I could have no fried chicken for lunch, you know?

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Friday, August 26

ambot oi

na biggest mistake ive made in my life is not dropping physics... the subject is great but the instructor? totally  not great.... waaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh

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Friday, August 19

why should?

why should i think of you

and hope yoBroken_heartu would think of me too?

why should i care for somebody

that would never care for me?

why should i fall for someone

if i know i cant be his one?

why should i cry because of you

since you never love me too?

waaahhhhhhhh. ayaw mo pagpatunto nako... kai atik ra ni.. drama bah laamang... waaahhhh..... heheeheheh

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Wednesday, July 13

i hate thunders as much as i hate lightnings coz it scares me, it frightens me and it really makes my heart beat fast... and i hate it specially at times like this, when i have long exams the day after.. when i need to study... coz, it signals BROWN OUT!!!.......
i have a long exam tomorow and i still need to do 2 laboratory exercises...
anyway, im glad the rain is over... i just hope and pray, that its really over...

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Sunday, June 26


life sometimes can be quiet tough
the road we travel can be so rough
a rocky road is part of life's voyage
it is what we call the life's challenge

heartaches are part of our life
it sharpens the dull unavailing knife
if a phony guy made you cry
a faithful love will wipe it dry

problems are certainly not a problem
never surrender life because of them
problems are made as trials rather
better solve it and find the answer

solitude would surely come in our existence
they wont knock so we cant notice their presence
after those lonely days and chilly nights
happy days will positively come at sight

life has never ending inivetable battle
brains and brawn are surely needed to struggle
but prayer is my armor to win the fight
i talk to God and leave the war in his might

mao na cia... ayaw mo pagpatunto sa life... heheheh

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Thursday, June 16

my split personality

as i went strolling in a beautiful place
i met a girl with a sad looking face
i tried to greet her with a smile
and talk with her a little while

i noticed something in her eyes
her laughs and smiles are all lies
i began to ask how life treated her
but all she said: its just fair

many days have come and run away
it seems in that place she just stay
the same thing happend to us as what i see
with a single sigh, i found out she was me

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Friday, June 3

gim just so disappointed, mad, angry,... no, im not angry, im just furious.... sumbody pulled a realy stupid prank on me... and its really getting my nerves... i just dont know who that monster is... gggggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.......... im just so mad that i want to kill that creature...

ok, i forgot to log out my friendster, coz my dad is already calling me on the phone... and this stupid creature maade a really undecent buliten... gggggggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrr.... he's just so mean... if he opend up sum1s page cant he just log it out?.... grrrrrrrrrrr......

my friend used to be a victim of that and her girlfriend broke up with him.. coz sumbody sent a rily undecent msg to her... but it was not my friend... coz i know him...

just want to leaave this msg... dont ever do this again, coz u wont know, it might happen to you....


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Wednesday, May 18

guy breaking up with the girl

what if the guy breaks up with the girl, instead of vice versa... many wud say its an insult for the girl... many wud say since the girl is being courted so she wud do the break up (as wat my friends reasoned out)... but in my personal opinion, i disagree... it'll be ok for me if the guy break the tie with me, if he's no longer happy being with me... but of course he has to break it to me gently so though it may hurt, i can still take it... i really think it will be unfair to both of us if we go on with the realationship, thinking we were doing good...
lets consider a situation before of my friend... she wants to break up with the guy but weak to do it, thinking she myt hurt him... not knowing that the guy is no longer happy being with her more before than the time she realized they need to break up... so wen she finally decided to do it, she thought that she hurt him much that the guy is just trying to hide the pain and really wants to cry... but no, shes thinking the total opposite.. the guy is just so happy that finally he's free. ( i know, coz both of them are my friends)
see, so if the guy cant break up with the girl, both party will feel the pain... coz the guy isnt happy anymore and the girl expects the opposite...
ok, a friend of mine also reasoned that the guyt have to let the girl feel that he's no longer happy... but for me, sumtyms love is just too blind to see the reality...
but still, im still lucky for not experiencing it yet... saonz kutob ra man gyud ko fling... bwahahahahaha

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Wednesday, May 4

Dont Mention It

ybefore the sem ends, we were discusing about social etiquette during a dance in our P.E... Our prof. was discusing about how the gentlemen would appraoch a lady if he wants to dance with her... and how the lady would react... she was discusing about gents to say thank you after returning the lady to her seat and the lady to say your welcome or dont mention it.... then, she let us execute it to see if we realy learned the good manners... then, my clasmates as a pair were doing well, the gent lead her back to her seat and said thank you... she was quite and just stared at him... our prof ask: what are you going to say?.. she answered back: maam i thought u said dont mention it..... hehehehe... GETS?

i dont know, i was thinking: it really happened in real life pala.... i thought, it only happends in stories... corny but its true..... bwahahahahah

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Monday, May 2


you chose to play the game with me
a fair player i thought you will be
a played with you with all valor
but there's more you're looking for

slowly and slowly i can feel it
you tricked me bit by bit
i dont know why i became lame
yes, i admit you won that game

now you wanna play it again
and pledge to never leave a stain
but better look before you leap
so you wont fall into the deep

lost the game once but never twice
now i am more clever and wise
you thought im just a plain looser
you're wrong im born to be winner!

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whats up gang

whats up with those frats and gangs? they're predominating in our place... tell me, are they really a great help? or theyre here just for the sake of belongingness... without a frat do you dont belong?... im wondering why would someone join an organization with punishments such as paddles, and hazing during initiations... when they can join organizations without paddles and are really a help for the society... if its really brotherhood why would you hurt ur brod or sis to the point where he/she can have bruises?... do you hurt your siblings that much at home?... there have been many news about students died because of that and still many still want to join... some would reason out, that because they have family problems or any problem at all... but think first before you get poisoned with the sweet talk of the one recruiting you.... are you really solving the problem or ur just adding one?

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