Wednesday, May 18

guy breaking up with the girl

what if the guy breaks up with the girl, instead of vice versa... many wud say its an insult for the girl... many wud say since the girl is being courted so she wud do the break up (as wat my friends reasoned out)... but in my personal opinion, i disagree... it'll be ok for me if the guy break the tie with me, if he's no longer happy being with me... but of course he has to break it to me gently so though it may hurt, i can still take it... i really think it will be unfair to both of us if we go on with the realationship, thinking we were doing good...
lets consider a situation before of my friend... she wants to break up with the guy but weak to do it, thinking she myt hurt him... not knowing that the guy is no longer happy being with her more before than the time she realized they need to break up... so wen she finally decided to do it, she thought that she hurt him much that the guy is just trying to hide the pain and really wants to cry... but no, shes thinking the total opposite.. the guy is just so happy that finally he's free. ( i know, coz both of them are my friends)
see, so if the guy cant break up with the girl, both party will feel the pain... coz the guy isnt happy anymore and the girl expects the opposite...
ok, a friend of mine also reasoned that the guyt have to let the girl feel that he's no longer happy... but for me, sumtyms love is just too blind to see the reality...
but still, im still lucky for not experiencing it yet... saonz kutob ra man gyud ko fling... bwahahahahaha

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Wednesday, May 4

Dont Mention It

ybefore the sem ends, we were discusing about social etiquette during a dance in our P.E... Our prof. was discusing about how the gentlemen would appraoch a lady if he wants to dance with her... and how the lady would react... she was discusing about gents to say thank you after returning the lady to her seat and the lady to say your welcome or dont mention it.... then, she let us execute it to see if we realy learned the good manners... then, my clasmates as a pair were doing well, the gent lead her back to her seat and said thank you... she was quite and just stared at him... our prof ask: what are you going to say?.. she answered back: maam i thought u said dont mention it..... hehehehe... GETS?

i dont know, i was thinking: it really happened in real life pala.... i thought, it only happends in stories... corny but its true..... bwahahahahah

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Monday, May 2


you chose to play the game with me
a fair player i thought you will be
a played with you with all valor
but there's more you're looking for

slowly and slowly i can feel it
you tricked me bit by bit
i dont know why i became lame
yes, i admit you won that game

now you wanna play it again
and pledge to never leave a stain
but better look before you leap
so you wont fall into the deep

lost the game once but never twice
now i am more clever and wise
you thought im just a plain looser
you're wrong im born to be winner!

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whats up gang

whats up with those frats and gangs? they're predominating in our place... tell me, are they really a great help? or theyre here just for the sake of belongingness... without a frat do you dont belong?... im wondering why would someone join an organization with punishments such as paddles, and hazing during initiations... when they can join organizations without paddles and are really a help for the society... if its really brotherhood why would you hurt ur brod or sis to the point where he/she can have bruises?... do you hurt your siblings that much at home?... there have been many news about students died because of that and still many still want to join... some would reason out, that because they have family problems or any problem at all... but think first before you get poisoned with the sweet talk of the one recruiting you.... are you really solving the problem or ur just adding one?

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