Wednesday, May 4

Dont Mention It

ybefore the sem ends, we were discusing about social etiquette during a dance in our P.E... Our prof. was discusing about how the gentlemen would appraoch a lady if he wants to dance with her... and how the lady would react... she was discusing about gents to say thank you after returning the lady to her seat and the lady to say your welcome or dont mention it.... then, she let us execute it to see if we realy learned the good manners... then, my clasmates as a pair were doing well, the gent lead her back to her seat and said thank you... she was quite and just stared at him... our prof ask: what are you going to say?.. she answered back: maam i thought u said dont mention it..... hehehehe... GETS?

i dont know, i was thinking: it really happened in real life pala.... i thought, it only happends in stories... corny but its true..... bwahahahahah


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