Monday, May 2

whats up gang

whats up with those frats and gangs? they're predominating in our place... tell me, are they really a great help? or theyre here just for the sake of belongingness... without a frat do you dont belong?... im wondering why would someone join an organization with punishments such as paddles, and hazing during initiations... when they can join organizations without paddles and are really a help for the society... if its really brotherhood why would you hurt ur brod or sis to the point where he/she can have bruises?... do you hurt your siblings that much at home?... there have been many news about students died because of that and still many still want to join... some would reason out, that because they have family problems or any problem at all... but think first before you get poisoned with the sweet talk of the one recruiting you.... are you really solving the problem or ur just adding one?


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