Sunday, June 26


life sometimes can be quiet tough
the road we travel can be so rough
a rocky road is part of life's voyage
it is what we call the life's challenge

heartaches are part of our life
it sharpens the dull unavailing knife
if a phony guy made you cry
a faithful love will wipe it dry

problems are certainly not a problem
never surrender life because of them
problems are made as trials rather
better solve it and find the answer

solitude would surely come in our existence
they wont knock so we cant notice their presence
after those lonely days and chilly nights
happy days will positively come at sight

life has never ending inivetable battle
brains and brawn are surely needed to struggle
but prayer is my armor to win the fight
i talk to God and leave the war in his might

mao na cia... ayaw mo pagpatunto sa life... heheheh

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Thursday, June 16

my split personality

as i went strolling in a beautiful place
i met a girl with a sad looking face
i tried to greet her with a smile
and talk with her a little while

i noticed something in her eyes
her laughs and smiles are all lies
i began to ask how life treated her
but all she said: its just fair

many days have come and run away
it seems in that place she just stay
the same thing happend to us as what i see
with a single sigh, i found out she was me

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Friday, June 3

gim just so disappointed, mad, angry,... no, im not angry, im just furious.... sumbody pulled a realy stupid prank on me... and its really getting my nerves... i just dont know who that monster is... gggggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.......... im just so mad that i want to kill that creature...

ok, i forgot to log out my friendster, coz my dad is already calling me on the phone... and this stupid creature maade a really undecent buliten... gggggggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrr.... he's just so mean... if he opend up sum1s page cant he just log it out?.... grrrrrrrrrrr......

my friend used to be a victim of that and her girlfriend broke up with him.. coz sumbody sent a rily undecent msg to her... but it was not my friend... coz i know him...

just want to leaave this msg... dont ever do this again, coz u wont know, it might happen to you....


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