Tuesday, September 13

chicken or egg?

I have read a joke from a book about a man ordering chicken sandwich and egg sandwich to find out which comes first. I then remember that my brother used to ask me the same question of which came first. Whether I answer egg or chicken he would give me reasons to prove that my answer is wrong. Well, I was young then and don’t really know how to rationalize things.

            Now I know that the answer to this question depends on how the person perceives it. The person will answer egg if he perceives the question as to which came first in the process of life cycle. We have learned from our science and health class in elementary that chicken came from egg. The hen will lay eggs and the eggs will soon hatch until one day will become full grown chickens.

            If the person perceives the question to which came first into the world, he has to answer chicken. The logic on creation comes in. when God created the animals he surely didn’t create chicken eggs because who will lay those eggs? When God created the cattle and creeping things and beast of the earth, each according to its kind on the sixth day, he created them as is. Just like when he created man on the same day. He created man not as a baby but as an adult.

            The agony of which came first has been passed from generation to generation. Which ever may came first, I am just so glad that chicken existed. For without them, I could have no fried chicken for lunch, you know?


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