Thursday, October 20

for yen only

Yen has been my friend for almost 12 years now. I have seen Yen in her down times and happy times. There have been lots of fights and debates between us that God did not permit to last long. We reconcile soon. Our friendship started when we were still in 1st grade since we were classmates. It was as if yesterday but it was long ago. I can still remember those times that Yen would come to our house to play. Vacation from school and Saturdays and Sundays during school year were spent as play days. She will come to our house early in the morning and she would really wake me up. Actually I can hear her ask my sister if I’m around but I’ll  pretend to be asleep since I’m honestly really sleepy. My sister would ask her to wake me up and so she will continue her journey to my room and I have no choice but to wake up. We used to play house. We used to play school, in which I’m the teacher and she’s the intern with our other playmates as the students. We even bought a real class record. We used to love pretending as candidates for Little Miss


. We designed the wall of my room and made my bed the stage. It was fun and I miss those days. Anyway, this routine was until 3rd grade. I don’t know but there was nothing much memory in 4th grade.  Only those times when we went swimming in punong and the time when we went swimming with yen’s cousin Nongnong who was afraid to take a dip in the water. Maybe we hadn’t much memories because we were in different cliques. 5th grade brought back our closeness. We had lots of fun again. I can still remember the funs and enjoyments with the marching band practice and the excitement for the contest. Actually yen wanted to play the glockenspiel or the lyre but our band instructor wanted her to be a band baton twirler. It was because she was pretty and she was so thin that our instructor believed that she will easily get tired carrying the glockenspiel. We used to play patentiro, 7-7 up- coca-cola stop, p.s p.s together with our friends in elementary  before the tutorial session starts. By the way my mother was offering tutorial back then. Our food trip back then? It was pospas, isaw, hotdog, roller coaster and Mr. chips, for kids only.

            In high school, we were in the same school but not in the same class. She was in scheme one and I were not, but closeness did not change. We got to school together and go home together. Banana-cue was our food trip in Visca (LSU). Banana-cue is usually the snack of the people from visca. Thought yen transferred in FCIC in 2nd year high, I still visit their house and we still have lots of “laags”, especially in our 3rd and 4th year high, since I already transferred in FCIC. In FCIC we met our new set of clique and enjoyed their company. Our exam in FCIC is usually spent two days in a row and use only half of the day. The second day of exam in the afternoon is spent with barkada. We either go for swimming as if celebrating that exam is over. Our venue is either in Kilim in which Glenn is the host or in Punong in which April is the Host. If not swimming we got ot visca in which the boys will play basketball with the visca high school boys and we girls will spend the time in visca beach. We also love video karaoke which is usually spent in Mico’s house. On vacation, in the afternoon when the sun has almost set, we spend our time in the veterans’ park together with our barkada just chit-chatting. If its already dark it will be time for us to go home.

            Yen is a very simple girl and enjoys simple things. Her usual get up is just a simple blouse and jeans. She seldom wears skirt and sleeveless tops. Her favorite scent is herbench. Her favorite color is yellow and her favorite song is SOMETIMES by Britney Spears. She also loves the song DELIMMA by Nelly. She uses the nick RUSH when playing counter strike. Yen is my confidante. I trust her.  I can tell her everything and I can open my secrets to her without worrying that she will open it to anybody. I come to her during my down times. We share each others greatest dreams and even nightmares. Yen used to be “tihik”, anyway according to her its just wise spending. She used to look up to me, but don’t get me wrong, it was because I was taller than her, but in high school she outgrew me, now its my time to look up to her. Yen is yen and will never be anybody else. She’s a friend that nothing compares.

            Yen, its your 18th year in the world. Time has passed and things have changed now. Though we both miss those days, we can never turn back the time. Look in the future lots of things are waiting for you there, but never rush life. Whatever path you will take and whatever decision you will make, always seek God. Yen, I’m leaving you this verse, Proverbs 3:5-6; trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not in you r own understanding in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct you paths. Yen, when you reach the pedestal, never forget the people the helped mold you into what you are now, your parents your siblings, your family, your mentors and your friends. When you’re feeling down, we are always here. Yen, listen to this, this is very important, Happy 18th birthday Yen!

hehehehe.... bday man gud ni Alien as in Fegie Lynn bah pag ka 15.. debut nia to the world.. char!.. anyway.. la lang ko lingaw....


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