Thursday, December 29

chemical fertilizer: bad?

i wen to lsu yesterday coz my brother requested me again to ask rainfall data in LSU PAGASA.. (my brother is a regional statistician in BAS) and while in the multicab to senior citizen was talking about chemical fertilizer.. well, they were talking about a place in cebu, i think it was toledo that plants will no longer grow because of using too much chemical fertilezer.. and they were talking bout someone saying that leyte├▒os and boholanos should stop using chemical fertilizer so that it wont happen to them what happened to cebu... u see? eavesdropping isnt really that bad... sometimes u learn from eavesdropping... hahahahaha.... i think eavesdropping could be a strong word coz those two have have loud enough voice that i think everybody in the cab can hear them... neweiz, we should remember that chemical fertilizers burn plants more easily than the organic products.


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