Sunday, February 12

GO Tatay Rudy!!!

Im not really into PBB, I can only watch an episode if my brother is at home.. or maybe if im with april.. Maybe coz I think that its not worth watching… and I don’t believe that they are being true to themselves.. I believe its scripted.. the JB and Say love team was just for publicity… and thought that they are already celebrities (actors and actresses in particular) when they leave the house made me strongly believe that its just scripted… its like they’re just having a workshop inside the house…

I don’t know what’s gotten into me now coz I already watch the show ‘the celebrity edition’ and so far I haven’t missed an episode (I guess)… well maybe because I find more time watching TV now than before.. Anyway, what bothers me now is the elimination night yester night… I don’t like the thought of some housemates voting Tatay Rudy to be evicted because of pity that he is better taken care of at home… Tatay Rudy was chosen to be one of the housemates because his medical record is clean, and he can do what normal people do.. its not because he has a steel foot he is already lame… He doesn’t need pity.. he doesn’t need to be treated as disabled, he needs respect, he needs to be treated normally… and he wants to prove it.. hei! Tatay Rudy is an athlete.. if he can run in a triathlon, he can do simple household chores and simple house rules... GO TATAY RUDY!!! Heheheheheeh

Lapi gyud ko noh?....


i sometimes enjoy watching PBB coz it makes me remember the pc game "SIMS"...


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