Friday, April 28

happy bday to me

happy bday to me, happy bday to me
happy bday, happy bday,
happy bday to me.

may the good Lord bless me, may the good Lord bless me
may the good Lord, may the good Lord
may the good Lord bless me..

how old am i  now?  how old am i now?
how old, how old?
how old am i now?...

secret na ako age oi... bahala bah.... heheheh
its my bday.. i received lots of greetings from my friends at 12 am.. some greeted me at day 27 of april but its not my day its allison's.. they got confused.. hahahah... also even in the morning i still received lots of greetings...
but the truth behind the greetings is the "palibre".. hahahahah....ask daun where ang celebration... hahai....
i have no celebration.. this is my first bday nga dli ko magcelebr8 with friends... it feels like this is just an ordinary day.. hehehehe... really, wla sa ako mind nga bday nako.... i almost forgot... heheheh
actually the plan is island hopping and overnight stay sa one of the island in cuatro islas... sa didjo... sa april 30 na... magouting mi.. bday man pud ni marden sa 29... i dont know if daun bah gyud... i hope so, nga madaun...
mulakaw ko karon.. basin makarealize ko makakwarta ko.. manglibre ko nla.. hahahahah...
ill celebr8 my bday with my family first... hehehehe


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