Friday, May 12

playing in the storm

if all of the raindrops are lemon drops and gum drops oh what a rain it would be... hehehehe

there were no lemon drops and gum drops yesterday but it made samboy, yenyen and i to stay out.. it wasnt just merely rain, it was actually a storm.. but still we went out..

hahai, mura gyud mi ug mga bata kai maligo sa ulan... nagmotor2 bisan ug and baha abot na sa tambutso sa motor.. hahai... pasaway...

neweiz, sam went home to get his ball, we were supposed to play basketball and in the grandstand but there were already people playing... giunahan uroi mi...

so we just went on the streert playing in the rain... hahahaha... and when yen felt cold, we went home..



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