Thursday, November 2

Halloween.. Pagan Celebration

            Why do Pinoys celebrate Halloween?... duh!.. Pinoys are just crazy over festivals and celebrations…

            I just noticed that Pinoys are now celebrating Halloween.. costume parties here and there.. wearing masks and costumes, and wearing the faces of what there are actually afraid of.. (duh!... they are crazy.. ngakngakngak) and now, in some places, Pinoy kids are doing this “Trick or Treat” thingy…

             Well, it’s All Hallows Day/ All Saints Day!... its in the calendar all over the world…  and Halloween means All Hollow’s evening.. the night before All Hallow’s Day…

            The celebration for Halloween is not actually in our culture, the costume party, the trick or treat blah blah blah are American, and now, pinoy’s are copying it..  I hate to admit it but Pinoys are good in copying, it’s there talent… ngakngakngak

            Anyway, Pinoys are still half innocent (is there such thing?) since Halloween is technically a Catholic


… and it’s in the calendar for people to celebrate it… duh..

            But the real question is, why do people have to wear costumes of ghost and goblins and everything else… hello?!!!... the Catholic Church created All Saint’s Day in honor of their saints…

            Well, according to history, Holloween all began from a Pagan celebration.. I repeat, Pagan celebration… this is from a pagan celebration called Samhain which means death.. people used to believe that the first of November was the start of the season of death and good and evil spirits  gather that night.. and on October 31st people disguise themselves by painting there faces with monstrous face and wear wild costumes to scare away evil spirits and protect the spirits of their loved ones… (hahahaha.. now that’s funny… evil spirits afraid of your face.. ngakngakngak)..

            And if it’s to scare away evil spirits, why are people wearing costumes that would make them look like the evil sprits (that’s according to what they think evil sprits look like.. hahahahah)

            Anyway, Faeries which are not evil nor good also ran free on the eve of Samhain.. they would disguise them selves as beggars and go door to door. Those who will give them will be rewarded and those who don’t will be punished... that is how trick or treat really began

            The catholic church created All saint’s Day, A Holy day to honor all the saints, this is to replace the pagan festival.. but since the Pope is avoiding riot that could happen if he ban the pagan festival, he just replaced it with All Saint’s Day… since All Saint’s Day is a holy day and not a festival, people celebrates both… and after 200 years, pagan festival is still present, so Pope Gregory III made the All Saint’s day to fall exactly on the day with Samhain… Kids were to go door to door begging for food for the town poor and dressed up as in costume to represent a saint…

            Now Catholic Church thinks that they have gotten rid of Samhain, since they are also celebrating the All Saint’s day.. but the Celt’s (the pagans) thinks they are still celebrating Samhain since they still have their holiday with original ceremonies…

            And as years gone by, the Celebration of the All Saint’s Day or Halloween evolved.. but it is totally untrue that ghost and goblins are everywhere in Holloween…  in


, the chilly and the mournful whistles of the wind simply means that winter is coming..

            And Now I have seen from the news that some towns in the


celebrates Halloween, wearing there most frightful and horrible (redundancy.. ngakngakngak) costumes… and paraded around the town.. duh, I totally don’t agree to that.. hello if it’s supposed to be for the saints, why are they wearing those.. it’s like they inviting the devil, it’s like they are honoring them… hello?!!! We are supposed to be Christians here… I thought Pinoys are known for their Christianity… it makes me think that Pinoys are known for their stupidity.. (ngakngakngakngak)… and now, there’s a place (what’s the name of that town again?) in the


which celebrates Aswang Festival.. Hello?!!! Are they okay.. that is so not Christianity and that is so not supposed to be celebrated.. duh, Pinoy’s are crazy over festival that sometimes it becomes nonsense…

What to know more about Halloween?.. then use your search engine.. bwahahahahahaha


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