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Premarital Sex & the Country

Many Filipino teenage females nowadays are pregnant or already have a baby. Some even got pregnant before they graduate high school. Is it because they have become liberated or because adolescence is the time of confusion and experimentation?


 According to the 2002 Young Adult Fertility and Sexuality Study (YAFS), 32 percent of the Filipino teenagers 15-19 years old know that their single female friends are sexually active while 38 percent said that their single male friends have already engaged in sex. Research from the UP Population Institute shows an increase in sexually active Filipino youth among 15-24 from 18 percent in 1994 to 23 percent in 2002. You might not believe this but there are elementary students who have engaged in sex. Their survey shows that in the year 2002, 2.2 percent of both males and females have already engaged in sex before they reach the age of 13.


 Based on their study, National Capital Region (NCR) has the highest rate of youth engaging in premarital sex. This is followed by Western Mindanao,



and Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao. In Visayas, Samar and Leyte has higher youth engaging in premarital sex, plus they do not use contraception compared to areas in

Central Visayas



 Premarital sex is not always pleasurable. It has also lots of negative effects. It can destroy you. It can give you AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases especially when you engage with more than one partner and without the use of contraception. There is also a big risk of unwanted pregnancy. According to the study, half of the young females who have engaged in sex got pregnant and four out of five pushed through with the pregnancy. There is a risk that the unprepared mother makes another mistake by aborting the innocent child. Although some unprepared fathers may run away from the responsibility, three out of five girls who pushed through with the pregnancy eventually got married to the father of their kids. Yes, they might have got married but life nowadays is difficult and they are still emotionally unstable. Another disadvantage of getting pregnant is that you may stop schooling.


 The youth have lots of different reasons when they engage in their first sex. Some reasons are because of curiosity, ignorance, peer pressure and stubbornness, some say to relieve sexual tension. Improper guidance or less connection with the family is another reason. Drugs, alcohol, media or regular exposure to x-rated movies are other factors to sexual activity. Sometimes girls just give in because they are afraid that their boyfriend will dump them if they won’t.


 According to the study, 23 percent of the youth from 15-24 have had premarital sex with about 57 percent of the first sex experience unplanned and 70 percent with no contraception. We have learned about different negative effects of premarital sex, even before but there’s a new fact that could be very alarming. By the year 2030 there would be 160 million Filipinos and 128 million will be living in poverty. According to YAFS, this will happen if the sexual behavior of the youth will continue for the next few years.

 If all of these things will continue, our country will be in danger. It’s not yet too late because we can still make a move against it. Aside from consulting to those reproductive health organizations and using contraceptives, the first big step is to decide for yourself whether you want to engage in premarital sex or not. Since we can not totally stop these teens from doing it, we could at least inform them of the consequences of premarital sex. After all, it’s their future that we’re concerned of.


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