Sunday, December 31

Happy New year

wew.. finally i can open friendster... yeeeyyyy... but my connection is still slow... i can open friendster but i can no longer open myspace.. hahaha

neweiz, just wanna share to you all that potpot drivers who know our house really freak me out... hahaha... just that april and i where riding potpot and the driver keeps talking.. as if we're close... hahaha.. april told me, he looks like a rapist... hahahaha.. watever.. neweiz, he knows where i'll stop, and even said that he knows where i live.. wew.. freaky... i dont know, but although this usually happen, it still freaks me out... and i told april to call me when she arrive to their house... and she already know what i mean...

ok, enough of that..

let me just greet everybody a happy new year!.. God bless us all...

neweiz, i love christmas and new year... what i hate about this holidays are the firecrackers... wew... im afraid of firecrackers... i dont even like the noise... i dont know... maybe because im not exposed to this... we dont light firecrackers during christmas and new year.. what we do is just pray to God and eat our noche buena(christmas) and media noche (new year).. that's all we do... but when i was a kid, i blow my torotot really hard to make noise...  wew... now, all i do is watch movie or have a little chit chat with the family and then sleep... haahahaha...


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