Friday, December 15

picture collage: how-to

just posting this tutorial because some of my friends are asking me how i made my picture collage in my photos... and they are really bugging me... wahahahaha... nah, not really.. i love sharing my knowledge.. so, here's how...

1. open your ms powerpoint

2. insert all your pictures

in your menu bar, click insert => picture => from file


3. layout your pictures...

4. select all by clicking one picture and holding "ctrl + A".

5. when everything is selected, right click on the picture and group it


6. when its already grouped... right click on the picture again and select 'save as picture'


7. rember to save your pic as jpeg or gif file... friendster only supports jpeg and gif...


8. you're done.. upload it...


this is what the jpeg file looks like


and this is what a gif file looks like...

*note: just click on the picture for a clearer and larger view...

*there will still be a black background if you post a gif file in friendster.. so if you want to your photo to have a white (or any color) background in your photo, put a background in your layout...


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