Wednesday, December 19

for all the men who smoke

I want you all to know that “you
!”.. waaaaaaaahhhhhh


Haven’t you realize that you smell bad after you smoke?...


One day, I was browsing the net in the campus internet café
with my classmate. Minutes later, another student came and used the computer
beside me. There wasn’t really any problem, the only problem is that he stinks…
I was disturbed by his stinky odor… waaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh… until I can no longer
hold it, I logged out… waaaaahhhhhh


A while ago, I was in the pharmacy. While waiting for my
turn, a man stood beside me waiting for his turn too… and yeah, you guessed
it.. he stinks… waaaaahhhh… I really needed to hold my breath… waaaahhhhh



Why do you guys have to smoke?.. you see?.. your not just
destroying your body which is the




but your also
making girls run away with your stinky smell… waaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh

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Thursday, December 13

How do i define love

a very special friend asked me once:

"How do you define love?"

i answered: "simple respect and sacrifice and oh, trust too"...

yeah, you dont love the person if you dont respect him/her nor if you dont trust him/her... sacrifice?.. that could be the best word that would describe love.. if your willing to sacrifice for that person then, you certainly love that person...

like Jesus.. He sacrificed to save us from our sin... and that is because He love us...

think of it... am i right?.. or am i right?..

so how do you define love?

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Sunday, December 2

watever... just take me away.. duh!

i don’t know what is so wrong with
me… sometimes I wish I wasn’t born… sometimes it feels like they don’t value me…
I am usually misunderstood…


they don’t understand me…if they
only know what’s in my heart… I love them… many times I have been told to get
lost… to go away of the house… many times I have attempted to run away… but Im
still here… I was so aware that that I cant live by myself… sometimes it makes
me wish that I wasn’t born in this world… they could have been happier…

I want to graduate… I want to live by my own...
I will soon be independent… yet, I promise to keep the communication… to contact
them everyday if possible… they just don’t know how much I love them… they don’t
know how I desire to give them the things they need and want… I want to give them
back what they have given me…


Waaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh… im so
paranoid… blame me… blame me.. blame me…. I get all the blame… I am to be blame

At this age, I still cry like a
five year old spoiled brat…. Waaaaahhhhhh.. what the heck we all cry anyway…
and we have our style… waaaaaaaah

I wish for a two-way communication….
So everybody can understand each other…


I would like to say sorry for everything… i
would like to say sorry for I am inutil, lazy and all…. I would like to say
sorry if I disappointed them… I would like to say sorry im not like my siblings
coz I can never be them…

I would like to say thank you for
all the things they have given me… for everything they taught me…



Waaaaaaaaaahhhhhh… anybody out
there, please take me away from this world!….. take me to a far far far away

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Monday, November 12

Who am i?

i dont know.. i feel like im a complete stranger to myself... i dont understand me.. i dont know what's my real attitude... i dont know...
actually, i was thinking of blogging about myself a moment ago...
about "me, only better"..
but i dont even know what to talk about me... what more if its a better me?...
oh well, i guess im just not in the mood talk....
or im in my "insane-mode" again....

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Tuesday, November 6

lost my phone

Waaaaaaaahhhhh.. I almost lost my phone.. and when I say
almost.. its really almost… not like the last time that it was just in my
pocket… ahihihi

So here is the story…

Today is Brent’s first bday.. that’s Em-em’s son.. nheir,
rizza, ghen and I went to the party… when we arrived their… I noticed that my
phone is not in my pocket… and I can remember that I picked it up in the bed
before we left the house… I was kinda worried… if I lost the phone im sure my
parents wouldn’t trust me anymore… since this would be my second time if ill
lost this… plus this phone is still on G-plan…

Ghen and I hurried back home… hoping I just left it… ghen,
called my phone and its ringing... when we arrived back home, I ran fast,
picked up our landline and dialed my number… its ringing but I couldn’t hear my
mobile ring… its not inside this small house… that made me worried… positive
that it could have slipped in my pocket or what in our ride their…

I called my number until its out of reached… I pressed
redial until somebody answred it…

At first, nobody in the next line answered… I can only hear
the background… so I was like “hello?!.. Hello?!... Kuya!” (as if begging him
to answer me)… so yeah, he did.. he told me he was actually on the way, going
to look for me at where we stopped… he even said he really don’t know how to
use it… so I said, that I will just wait him here…

He was an equal opportunity lover as what Jomvi always say..
he asked for something in return…

Oh well, i gave him a little amount of money… and of course
my gratitude…


Thank God my mobile is back…




we went there at 12 but the party is will actually start at
three.. nobody was there yet… waaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh.. talk about miscommunication…

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Sunday, October 7

they marry, they separate... adultery

I havent watch
tv for quiet a long time now… its because im always into computer.. im always
on the net… plus my niece is the owner of our TV… she would cry reeeeaaaally
loud if somebody will change the channel… my five year old niece only knows two
channel, Disney and cartoon network..

Neweiz, yesterday while my classmate
rick is working in my pc I decided to watch tv coz im already tired lying down
in my bed.. lucky my niece is asleep… so I came to watch this celebrity-oriented
show (I forgot if was that entertainment konek or was that startalk?)..

Neweiz, that time a celebrity separated
with her husband was the guest that time…


This made me
think that a lot of celebrity are separated…. It like people in the show
business treats marriage that easy… they marry, they separate…

Duh!.. People in show business are
models of adultery…


Divorce = adultery

Lucky there is
no divorce in the


but what’s the big difference between divorce and annulment?

Its still the same… they marry, they separate..


Suggested readings: (please read the bible)



5: 31-32


Corinthians 7:10-13


Please please please read read
read read… don’t let your bible rot in the corner…





neweiz, xplanation of these verses are in  "xpressionlane"... direct link Christian Living Forum Board 

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Friday, October 5

thank you for viewing my profile

im actually supposed to blog about this last night... but because of my memory loss, i forgot of what im supposed to blog about... waaahhhhhh...
i was trying to remember last night, what was the topic ill be blogging that time... coz earlier that night, while my two gay friends/classmates and I were talking about anything and everything, my friend got to talk about friendster. Jomvi was asking me, if people will have interest on adding people who's profile are set to private... well, i don't think so.. people usually add people in their friendster friends' list if they like or enjoy somebody's profile... at least, except those who personally know that person who's profile is set to private... and those people who are just collecting people in their list.
neweiz, he asked me about that because he thinks people with private profile are sick... specially those who kept on viewing his... hahahahahaha
and so, that conversation made me remember that i was once checking the people who viewed me that day.. then, i came to a profile which was set to private but her shout was was like "thank you for viewing my profile... blah blah blah" that made me laugh a little coz, i thought that who would care about her profile if her profile was set to private.. duh!

i totally forgot about this last night... so when i saw Rick and Jomvi in the university, i asked them what was that thing i told them im going to blog about... lucky, Rick remembered.. lol

and oh... Thank you for reading my blog.... ;)

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Wednesday, October 3

im in blogger

i have always been thinking if creating an acount in blogger..
i was thinking of creating a blog about things i noticed in life.. like some unnoticeable mistakes people create and things like that...

and yeah.. finaly.. my new blog...

Loitering and Noticing

actually i was thinking of naming it Unnoticeably Noticeable.. but i realize that Loitering and Noticing would be better.. or at least i think so... waaaaaaaaaahhhh

neweiz, dont forget to visit my new blog... u can link me and i can link u back in my site...

and oh, id still be updating this one... ;)

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Tuesday, October 2

i hate my life

waaaaaaahhhhhhh.. im going crazy... im loosing my mind...
im so sensitive... parang di ko nasasakyan mga jokes ng mga tao...
plus, it seems like nobody understands me inmy own home...
waahhhhhhhhhh... i want to know who nobody is and thank him/her for understanding me.......
even here at home... i always get the blame... everything... it seems that my own parents hate me.... sometimes, all i could wish is that i will wake up one day in the middle of nowhere... i want somewhere far... where people dont really know me...

im trying not to cry... or at least showing them im ok... im not crying or anything... but i cant...

its like i didnt do anything but i still get the blame....

all i can saynow is I HATE MY LIFE!....

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Saturday, September 29

mean people

hai naku!.. this world is full of mean people... i better get used to that... waaaaaaaahhhh

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Sunday, September 16

survey... whatever

duh!... just got this survey from friendster bulletin posted by ate Zing... and i enjoyed reading ate Zing's answers... so i tried answering too.. im actually working on my thesis outline right now.. hoping my inc in my 198 wont lapse.. but i really cant concentrate.. i dont know if im doing this right... waaaaaahhhhhh.. so i just visited my friendster acount to relax.. duh!... All thesis and no friendster makes Josie a dull girl... waaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh

1. Name one person who always text you.
- eman... automatic... waaaaaahhhh

2. Do you think some people are born stupid?
- i dont know.. i think they just act
stupid... whatever...

3. Name one negative thing about you?

- i dont know.. i think i easily get disappointed..

4. Status?
- single.. since birth.. bwahahahaha

5. What were you doing 30 minutes ago?
- working on my thesis outline... waaaaaaahhhhhhhh

6. Sport you wanted to learn?
- billiard (its what i can think of right now)

7. Ever tried gymnastics?
- yeah.. floor exercise and trampoline.. from my PE 11 class...

8. What was the last thing you bought?
- burger steak meal and rocky road sundae..

9. Do you talk a lot?
- yeah... i guess.. sometimes...!!!

10.Do you believe that love is blind?
- nope... it sees but doesnt mind... ahihihihi

11.Where is your brother?
- He's working in Palo.. a statistician in Bureau of Agricultural Statistics ..

12.How was your day yesterday?

- ok ra sad.. anah.. ahihihi

13. What is the last ice cream flavor you had?
- rocky road

14.Are you an optimistic one?
- totally.. i guess...

15.People describe you as....
- funny and loud and careless and sweet...

16.Contented in life?
- i dont know.. i hope.. ahihihi..

17.What was the last thing you bought?

- same question will get same answer...
its burger steak meal and rocky road sundae

18.Are you happy with the love of your life?
- who is the love of my life anyway?... duh!

19.Do you skip meals?
- yeah sometimes... and now im suffering from peptic ulcer

20.Do you consider yourself smart?
- yeah.. sometimes... bwahahahaha

21.What color is your gate?
- gate?.. what gate?.. we dont have  what kind of question is this?..

22.Reason for living?
- God... He gave me life that i should live...

23.Are you typically a jolly person?
- yeah.. totally...

24.Name one enemy of yours:
- i dont have one... talk about good girl

25.Name one close guy friend:
- Mico Cotiamco... my best bud

26.Who's the first person in your phonebook?

- Abby

27.What did the last text message you received say?
- "Wow.. nindotag mga stunts oi.. ganahan gyud ko... hekhekhek"
(actually wla ko karelate... bwahahahaha)

28.Do you go to gym?
- what for?.. im already sexy... hahahaha... joke...

29.Song playing at the moment:

- Letter to You by Finch

30.How do you cope with stress?

- sleep.. surf the net

31.Ever broken someone's heart?
- i dont think i have broken someone's heart... duh!

32. What makes you happy?
- do i really have to mention everything that makes me happy?... Good things make
me happy

33. What is the last thing you said aloud?
- CJ!.. samoka nimo oi!.. Will you
please get out of my room!.. your
distracting me!...

34. How much is your tuition fee?
- 4,000 php i guess.. and that's for the whole sem...

35. Is someone bitter to you?

- i guess...

36. last person u textd? about wat?
- eman.. still txting with him right now... its about this movie he's watching that i cant really relate to.. waaaaaaaahhhhhhh

37. last thing you ate?
- hopia...

38. ever made someone cry?
- yeah... and i didnt mean it... huhuhu

39. do u drink any alcohol beverages?

- sometimes... occasionally... duh!

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Saturday, September 15

kapoi pero bawi sa kaon

Well, the last two days were quiet tiring days… we went to 5
baranggays here in Baybay City (2 baranggays on Thursday and 3 on fridsy) to
interview some tree farmers… this is for our project in DC141 class…


neweiz, here are some of our pics..




P9140063   P9140073




it may be tiring pero binawi naman ng kainan…  lakas ata kumain ng mga broad majors..

neweiz, its actually our intramurals week pero di ko nafeel... even a single game wala akong napanood...pero cge ok na rin... manood na lang ako ng dance palabas... i should not miss it.. ahihihih

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Friday, September 7

new friend

I met a new friend today… isn’t that amazing?.. harharhar.. whatever..

Neweiz, it all started inside the multicab on my way to school this afternoon. She was the actually the first one to talk to me.. she was like “Devcom ka te oh?” (Your taking up devcom right?) and I was like “yeah, how did you know?” and the conversation goes on… hehehehe

It’s Friday which means its carless day… all vehicles are not allowed inside the campus until 5 pm… and she was carrying a box full of groceries… I asked her if she can carry it to the dorm, coz looks like its really heavy… she told me, she can handle it… but when we arrived I just can see that its really heavy I should help her… and yeah, its really heavy… come on she cant carry it alone… ahihihihi

Well, that’s all.. im just glad I met a new friend.. her name is Emelyn...
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Sunday, August 26

cafe attendant

I really hate it when im in an internet café and the attendant will see me as if I don’t know how to use a computer… duh!...

Hello attendant!.. I know how to use the computer… I have computer at home… Ive been using computer since elementary… I can even type faster than you… hahahaha

Neweiz, I just remember back then, when I was in an internet café inside the campus and when I was closing all the internet browser and preparing to log out… this attendant suddenly said “murag nagpataka ra man ka ug pamislit dra”… (translation: I think you don’t really know what your doing and what your clicking…. Something like that.. hahaha)

At first I didn’t mind her… I didn’t noticed I was the one she was talking to coz I was so focused with what im doing..harharhar..

I turned around when I realized she was talking to me and said “who?.. me?...” (I don’t know but my friend told me I had a dagger stare… hahaha) she was just staring at me at the moment until she answered ‘no”…

Who else is she talking to when she was facing me?.. duh!...

If I know, and yeah I know.. she doesn’t really know how to use the computer. All she can do is to encode the time in and time out of the costumers.. duh!....

Neweiz, im now in an internet café again (not the café I mentioned above) because we don’t have internet connection at home right now… huhuhuhuhu.. I hate it when this happen.. specially now that I have to do so many research… waaaaaaaaaahhhhh

Ok, so I was peacefully browsing and surfing the internet when there was a sudden brownout.. When there was light again, I don’t know what’s wrong with there “third world” pc… before it even reached the desktop there was a pop up window stating that it cant load the original profile… so I asked the attendant about it… when he checked he noticed that some icons in the desktop are lost… he seemed worried when Im just relaxed… I know its not really lost and Im confident it wasn’t my fault..

i don’t know, he seemed to be blaming me… or he’s just worried about the pc… I almost told him “hey, I know how to use the pc… excuse me, I can find those icon myself.. so just relax…”

duh!... he’s eating my time… waaaaaaahhhhh……

there’s nothing really wrong with the pc… duh!....

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Saturday, August 18

when a friend betrays

Have you ever experienced being betrayed by a friend?.. by
someone you really trust?...


Well, that would surely suck… I was thinking about that
before.. I thought that I would really be disappointed, hurt, crushed and mad
or even furious if somebody whom I trust most will only betray me or break my trust…


Say for example, that someone I trust will steal something
from me… i don’t really know how I would react.. would I still befriend that
someone or not?.. I don’t know but im sure id be mad… I don’t know if I can
still forgive that someone.. hey, were friends if he/she needs something he/she
can always ask me…


Neweiz, last April a friend of mine(friend1) lost her n7610
phone… and we had no other suspect but friend2… we just couldn’t tell it
straight to her… but everybody in the resort also suspected her… but since we don’t
really have evidence we just treated her as if nothing happened… everything is
so normal… but of course we cant totally trust her anymore… she already broke the trust...


I don’t know if she was bothered by her conscience after
seeing friend1 cry a river for loosing that phone. Friend1 couldn’t sleep because
she knows that her sister will be mad at her and wont trust her anymore… plus
there have been issues between her and her sister.


Well, I just found out last week from one of my friend (friend3)
that this friend2 stole her n6680 phone. She told me everything. How she was
sure that she was the one who stole it.. she kept asking friend2 to return the
phone but friend2 keeps on denying… until her aunt decided to bring police in
their home.. and yeah, there was the phone.. lucky it was still there and the
phone is now in the hands of the real owner..


Can you imagine that?.. We trusted her and that is all she
will do in return.. how shameful!....


I don’t really know what im feeling right now… should I be
mad?.. should I despise her? Should I hate her?... I don’t know…


Somebody keeps telling me that we shouldn’t befriend her
anymore… yeah, there’s a point cause we’ve been a true friend but she wasn’t… I
don’t know, I still believe that true friend can forgive… but right now, I don’t


I think what friend3 did was already shameful.. I just hope
that friend2 already had enough…


An oh, I kinda blame the boyfriend… he was actually a bad
influence.. I think the boyfriend has something to do with her actions… and I don’t
think the boyfriend really loves her.. duh!


Why are some people too blind to see the reality?

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Thursday, August 9

MS VSU 2007


Finaly the the search for MS. VSU is over… and Kristine Ortega, an HRTM student got the crown…

And this is the result

Best in Naiad Costume - Candidate #1 (CEAI)
Miss Photogenic - Candidate #1 (CEAI)
Best in Swimwear - Candidate #2 (CE-HRTM)
Best in Evening Gown - Candidate #9 (CA)
Best in Talent - Candidate #4 (CE-DVM)

4th Runner up - Candidate #10 (VSU-VC)
3rd Runner up - Candidate #8 (CAS)
2nd Runner up - Candidate #9 (CA)
1st Runner up - Candidate #1 (CEAI)

MISS VSU 2007 - Candidate #2 (CE-HRTM)

I don’t know… but actually I don’t really think that candidate # 1 should be in the top five… she wasn’t able to answer the preliminary question, which is about their bio data… but I was expecting a little that she’ll be in the top five since she is pretty… almost everybody thinks that she’s the prettiest and some even think that she’s the only pretty candidate.. so that must be the biggest factor that pulled her up to the top five…

Candidate number 8 was such an attention stealer… actually she walks and pose like she’s joining a Ms. Gay pageant…hahahah…. and that is why she can catch attention… she’s different from the others… and oh, she’s smart too.. but during the final question and answer portion, her answer isn’t really convinving…

I really wanted Ghen to win.. of course she is representing our college and she’s a classmate and a friend… and I know her preparation for this pageant.. But, I think her answer to the question isn’t really convincing… she should have elaborated her answer… I was actually expecting that she would elaborate it…

The newly crowned Ms. VSU surely deserves it… she gave a convincing answer to both question and answer portion… and wow! this is actually the first time Kris-kris joined a beauty pageant…

Neweiz, im really sory people but this is just my opinion… and oh, you can have your opinion too.. hahaha

And oh, Congrats to all!... ;)

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Tuesday, August 7

not in the mood

what is so wrong with me?.. i am so not in the mood on everything... it feels like something is bothering inside me.. i dont really know...
im not in the mood to study, not in mood to work with projects and assignments, not in the mood to attend class... and not even in the mood to enjoy those activites in VSU anniversary...
actually i really think im not feeling ok... im experiencing back pain... there are times that i feel like i can't breath... i feel im always sleepy...
it feels like im so tired of everything.. what is so wrong with me?

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Thursday, July 12

an FCICian stole my poem


you chose to play the game with me
a fair player i thought you will be
a played with you with all valor
but there's more you're looking for

slowly and slowly i can feel it
you tricked me bit by bit
i dont know why i became lame
yes, i admit you won that game

now you wanna play it again
and pledge to never leave a stain
but better look before you leap
so you wont fall into the deep

lost the game once but never twice
now i am more clever and wise
you thought im just a plain looser
you're wrong im born to be winner!

somebody stole
this poem from me... i dont know.. i posted this poem in the literature section
in Proudbisdak forum until Mecana asked me if this is the poem in the rover.
Rover is our school paper back in high school, in FCIC... i was a little shock
coz, i didnt submit any article or poem in our school paper (which is one of my
frustrations, back in high school.. huhuhuhu) so i asked her, if she have read
this poem from the Rover... and it was positive.. she told me she is certain
that this poem was in the Rover...

i was wondering how come, my poem
be published in Rover when i didnt even submit it?.. i check my old Rover to
see if I only have memory loss (hahaha) but there was no poem…

so I told Mecana
that I wrote this poem back in 4th year high and im sure that I didn’t
submit it.. well, she told me that I should check those rover issues after I graduated..

I haven’t
checked yet… I still have to ask my cousin if they still have their Rover…

neweiz, I just
want to know who stole my poem.. I hate it when people copy my stuff without
asking permission… oh well, who doesn’t?

this isn’t that nice, but hey,
this is still my work.. This should be copyrighted…

im wondering,
how she got my poem.. maybe she got it from my blank book.. I lost my blank
book back in high school.. I don’t know where was it coz, it was being borrowed by almost everybody.. that blank book was where I put my poems and articles
from the internet that I love…

Hey, FCICians,
will anybody of you please tell me who stole my work?... or maybe just help me
remember that I submitted this poem… ahihihi…. thankzzz…


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Saturday, July 7

DevCom Orientation & Acquaintance party

yesterday was the Orientation and Acquaintance Party of


it was fun.. it wasn’t the usual party that we had.. and the
DevCom students really showed their talents... our Acquaintance party seemed
like a talent showdown... hahahaha...

neweiz, here are some of the things that happned last night...






Ghen and Gabby, chasing Cata... part of the game.. it's like a modified, trip to Jerusalem...


hahahaha.. what's going on here, ella?... hahahaha


The RRJ's (rick, ricky and Jomvi) Charcharan Dance...
we just call it charcharan.. i dont know.. toinkzz



with our Instructor Prof. Gravoso

ok.. so that's all... im not gonna put all my pics here... hahahaha..
neweiz, before i forget, yesterday was also my father and the twin's birthday...


so.. that's it... after the party, we went to Godfather...

and finally Glenn and I have seen each other after quite a long time now... well, Glenn is my high school friend (barkada).. and he's from Norway... he's half Norwegian... and truth is, it's my first time to meet his parents.. hahahahaha..... well, his parents are nice....


that's Glenn, the one with a tattooo...

and im gonna end this entry here...

actually, i was planning to share how i got disappointed with my friend last night... but i reallized, what's the use.. hahahahaha..
we're ok... were friends.. and we forgive and forget... ;)

hei, told you im gonna end it here...

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Thursday, June 21

what you see is not what you get: Mangga's confessions

Most of you know me as a happy go lucky girl, always on the
go, always into having fun and somebody who seems to have no problem at all…


Duh, what you see is not what you get… I may be happy
outside but inside im not that happy…


I don’t know… I just wish that someday id wake up one
morning and im in a place where nobody knows me, in a place that is so far far
away or at least a place new to me… or maybe I could be like Jenna Rink from
the movie 13 going on 30… in which id wake up one day and im already 30 and
having a life of my own…


You know the feeling that you don’t want to be alone… because
once your alone, all your worries, fears and insecurities will be haunting your


sometimes it feels like im so tired of my life.. and that my
life sucks… im not really trying to be pathetic here.. this is just what I feel
right now… waaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh….


I don’t really just tell my friends about my dramas in life…
it’s just that, they’re not really used of me telling them dramas… usually they
wont believe me or they will just make fun of me… huhuhuhuhu….


So that is why, I only put my kadramahan in life in my blog… duh…


And oh, you know why I wake up late… (hahaha.. you don’t even
know that I wake up late)… neweiz, I usually wake up late because I don’t want
to wake up with my father inside the house.. it just feels like he is going to scold
me, he is going to talk about all my failures and how useless I am… so that is
the reason why every time I wake up and I would hear his voice id try to sleep


Sometimes I feel like im a nobody… sometimes id wish im
living on my own…


Sometimes it feels like nobody understands me at home…


Or maybe, it’s true that im useless.. im inutile.. im a


You know, how much it hurts when your parents tell you that
they dont really like you?...

You know how much it hurts when your parent will tell you
that he wishes you were never born? (oh yeah, I wish I was never born too)

You know how much it hurts when your parent will tell you
that it so nice to kill you?...

You know how much it hurts not being listened to by your
parents? How much it hurts not able to express your feelings to your parents…


Sometimes I wish I am beaten physically than beaten
emotionally… waaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh



Sometimes I wonder if they do really value me…


Oh, well, im not somebody to be proud of or to be valued
anyway… im a failure….


And oh, for the benefit of the doubt, I’m not hating anybody
right now…


I just hope and pray to have a peace of mind… and I wish the
all my thoughts will be gone… or maybe I would suffer from amnesia… whew…


And oh, you know what’s wrong with me?.. I keep on giving
advices to my friends… helping them to stand up… uplifting there spirit… but
deep inside I feel like going down, down down…



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Wednesday, June 20

me in the limelight again.. wahahahaha

After three years of silence I finally performed in front of
a crowd… whew… hahahaha..


Not really into dancing anymore.. the last time I danced in front of a crowd was back in first year college… that was during our acquaintance
party.. we danced to the music of Black Eyed Peas… and that was shut up…


Oh no, that’s not the last time, the last time was during
the Dance Palabas or the Mass Dance back in first year college.. that was
during the LSU intramurals… whew..



And now, here I am.. dancing to the beat of Itaktak and Adododo a famous pop dance here in the country…


Well, I don’t know… at first I was thinking that, it’s ok if
I dance at least only my DevCom family will be there, until I realized hey, I’ll
be dancing infront of the students and faculty under the College of Agriculture…


I wanted to back out, but they wont let me.. because
according to our instructor everybody should have a presentation.. he wont
promise for an incentive but he promise a punishment for those who wont join
the presentation.. waaaaaaaaaahhhhhh… kaloka na man to… waaaaaaaaahhhhhh


Neweiz, so here is the video of our dance



You can’t find me?... well, that’s your problem.. ahihihi



Neweiz, I have more videos during that night… it’s in my
youtube channel… its


I only took a video of the presentation of my DevCom family…
hahahahah.. bias bah?... ahihihi… sory, I only have 1 gig memory card… I cant
take a video of the whole program.. duh… waaaaaaaahhhhhhhh




Neweiz, before I will publish this blog, I want to share
this pic..



I don’t know.. I just find it nice and amazing.. (hahahaha..
strong word?.. ahihihi) I just like it.. I like the shot… and my model?.. I find
him cute in this pic, coz he looks like the lost big brother of Yong An of
Going Bulilit…

Hahahaha.. hoi Cata!... ig.unsa man gyud mo ni Yong An ug ni
Manong Frank.. wahahahahahahaha

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Tuesday, June 19

discrimination... anoyed me this morning


i was in the terminal this morning on my way to school.
then, Esther walay panty and her friend, got inside the cab for a ride to

then, suddenly the driver was like making them get out from
the multicab coz, according to him they wont pay.. (talk about discrimination)

so, Esther got mad and shouted… she was like asking him if
he got evidence that they wont pay. She was even threatening him that she is going
to stone him if he will try her.. if he will provoke her to…


I was just sitting in my seat inside the cab silently…
watching them…


By the way, Esther and her friend (I don’t know the name) is
known here in baybay as crazy and mentally retarded (redundancy?.. ahihihihi)


Back to the topic


So, there I was sitting and silently watching them…

The driver eventually surrendered and went back to his seat…
hey, if he wont, he will be making me late from my class… coz, he is the only
one the passengers were waiting for… duh!...


So, again, there I was, (hahahaha.. im going round in
circles… waaaaahhhh) I was really annoyed by the driver’s actions… he was
murmuring, and discriminating them…

Hey, they weren’t doing anything bad… they were just sitting
silently as if normal people…


When, they got off, of course they paid their ride and gave
6 pesos each.. the driving asked them, for additional 1 php coz, according to him
it should be 7 pesos… duh!... but they did not gave him the 1 peso because
Esther know that the fare is only 6 pesos…


I was just controlling my temper… he was delaying our ride
plus he was discriminating them… and i know that Esther did the right thing... not making some stupid driver abuse them....


whew… im just so glad we finally arrived
in LSU and I wasn’t late…




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Sunday, June 10

news news news

Good news


Im taller now… I had my physical medical exam last Thursday…




not so good news


I grew taller for only 0.3 cm… im now 160.5 from 160.2






Good or bad news


Im loosing weight.. from 50 kilos last year to 47.8 now… ewan ko lang kung good news bah to or bad news… waaaaaahhhhh







Good news


i killed CC sa game na DotA.. magaling kasi sa dota yun eh... waaaaaaahhhhh




not so bad news


my Hero to Sam… Sam, yung nagcontrol talaga ng Hero ko.. waaaahh. Pero
I didn’t shared my hero after that nah.. kasi nalaman nila eh.. waaaahh




Another good news


Im getting better sa DotA nah








Good news


na uli kami ni Sam.. din a kasi mahagilap ang batang yan.. sa kakalaro
ng DotA eh.. ng dahil sa DotA na rin.. kaya nagkakabonding kami


Not so Bad news


Nauubos na ang pera ko.. sa kakalaro ng DotA… si Sam kasi supper adik.. waaaahhh.. pero enjoy naman.. kaya not so bad news,,,






Good news


Pasukan na naman.. hello allowance!… hello classmates!… hello kalokohan!




Bad news


na naman.. welcome overtime! And welcome overnight!... waaahhh… wala pa
rin akong thesis topic until now.. INC parin sa DC198.. waaaaaahh




Not so bad news


Last year ng college na ako.. mamimiss ko nah mga classmates ko.. huhuhu… pero


lang magkaroon ako ng trabaho

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Tuesday, May 29

incosiderate people


there are just some people who are so inconsiderate...
(yeah, i admit there are
times im one of them
i dont know.. its just that, i met one of the inconsiderate people this
morning, while we were in Jolibee Ormoc...
as expected, there were kind a lot of people inside Jolibee, and of course, you
have to fall in line to take your order..
so there i was, falling in line... waiting for my turn...

 but actually i was in
a hurry, coz, i was with my father, and my mother is waiting for us in the

ok, so it was almost my turn… the lady before me is already
taking her order..  

the problem is, she keeps on asking to change the burger
because the patty is burnt (according to her), when in fact, it’s not…

then, me, almost loosing my patience butt-in and said, ‘I think
that’s just normal’.. but the lady said, no, they should change it, cause, it
will cause her cancer.. duh, I didn’t answer back.. I was controlling my
patience… well, she already have her senior citizen card.. I just
gave her some respect..

the problem, is can’t she see that there are people at her
back waiting for there turn to order… duh,,.. I was so glad, when the cashier finally
just gave her number coz they are making her, her “special burger”… duh….


Well, a lot of people keeps on complaining about almost
everything… they’re not even thinking what’s the real deal…


Yeah.. im one of them… but not all the time… ;)



But from now on, lets make a pact that as much as possible,
we will be considerate… ;)

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Wednesday, May 23

i lost my phone.... again?....

ok, so it all started last sunday when mico, yen and i
planned to play counter strike in an internet cafe the next day...


so, last Monday, after we ate in the Barbecue plaza, Mico,
Itat, Yen, CC, April, Motet and I, went to the Hype internet cafe to play...


when, we got tired playing counter strike, we de decided to
play DotA… but there was a connection problem with the LAN connection of the
DotA… so that was why, we decided to transfer to the other internet café…


from Hype internet Café, we decided to go to the


Internet café… so while, on the why, I noticed that my phone isn’t in my

So, itat, April and I went back to the café. I wasn’t really
feeling nervous, like im really losing my phone.

When we arrived back in the café, April asked the the owner
if they noticed my phone, but they didn’t. then, the girl who was sitting next
to the computer that I was using told her that she noticed some kids got near
to the pc I was using. Then, ate Jingle, the owner suggested to call my
number.. and so April, being the ‘baga ug
  asked them, to use their
phone to call my number… and it was ringing… waaaaaaaaahhhhhhh


Itat, being optimistic, told me that if it is ringing then,
it could be that mico got my phone. Itat kept saying that “naa ra gyud lagi to
ni mico”


But before that, april asked me if im sure that I didn’t left
it in the place where we ate our dinner…


And I was so positive that I still, have it in the café, coz
at first I put it just next to my mouse, and si mico nalipat sa ako phone, iya
gigunitan kai nagtuo siya nga mouse… wla man gud… wahahahahaha


So, that could be the reason that itat keeps telling me nga
naa niya ang ako phone… and usa pud, si mico ra ang kusog magbinuang… and sa
bulsa pud nah ni mico ibutang nako dayun ang ako phone ug kapoyan ko ug bitbit…



And so that’s it, we went to


and asked mico, if he have
it… but he keeps denying… I asked yen to call my number, told me its ringing..
but the problem is, my phone’s profile was silent… huhuhuhuhuhu


So, we went back to the café.. and wen April was about to
ask the owner again, about those kids who were inside the café, I stopped her….



Waaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh………. Ang TANGA konaa ra man d.i ang
ako telepono sa ako back pocket… waaaaaaaahhhhhh….
Didn’t feel it coz I was
driving the motorcycle and im not used to putting my phone at my back pocket…. Waaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh….


And so, nagkinatawa na lang mi tulo nga namalik ngadto nila
Yen… wahahahahahahah….


O sige nah, enough of that…


We were able to play DotA but not in


, as in
nangita gyud mi ug café nga puede mi makadula… kai ang mga internet café kai
nagclose nah.. so didto na lang mi sa Taboan… LG man cguro ang name sa café…


And im still a noob to DOTa so, ill be practicing that… will
anybody out there give me some tips… and where can I download that game?.. or
will anybody out there just let me borrow the installer?... J


Thankz.. ahihihi

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Friday, May 11

another bisaya blog of mine

waaaaaaaaaahhh.. murag naghuot ang ako dughan ug mura ko ug naglisod ug ginhawa dah.. waaaaaaahhhhh....

resulta ni sa wlay tulog....

saonzzzzz.. late na man gud ko mi.uli sa balay... past 4 am nah...ahw, dli man d.i nah late oi... early d.i.. early in the morning.... waaaaaaaahhhhh... and so, sayu ko ni mata kai mahadlok ko nga magyawyaw na pud si papa nako... waaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh

saonzz... mico man gud... wla pa man gud ko pauli.a... giganahan man sa amo chika-chika... waaaaaaaahhhhhhh... actually, hatod na ko nia mga almost 2 pa... but wla pa gyud ko niya pasudla sa balay... kai naglami nah ang amo storya... ahw, sya ra d.i giganahan... wahahahahahah

wla ra gud... we were just talking about anything and everything under the sun.. este under the moon d.i... nagdrama2 kunuhay mi.. waaaaaaahhh.. wla oi... joke ra.... nagtalk ra hinuon mi ug mga kadramahan sa life... wahahahahaha... ug most of all about sa iya love life gyud ang topic... waaaaaaaahhhhh.. ug about sa ako pud d.i..
and nag talk pud mi kung unsa mi ka mga buang ug unsa mi ka mga wla buot sa una... and realizing that we are getting old.... waaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh

and we were talking how we became friends... ug kadtong mga gipangsapotan nako ug mga gipangsapotan nia.. waaaaaaahhhhhhh...

ahhhhh.. basta daghan mi kaayu nastoryahan.... nagbula2 nah ang baba.. ahihihihihi

nagdugang-dugang ra btaw mi sa air pollution oi... nyahahahahaha... joke ra oi....


and so, kadtong nakarelize nah mi nga buntag naman d.i... wla nah gyud ko nagpapugong.. nisulod nah gyud ko sa balay... saonz.. wla na man mi kabantay sa oras sa kadaghan sa amo gipangyawyaw gud... waaaaaaahhhhhh

ug nako sa door... mata nah man intawn ang ako big sis.. mularga na man gud siya inig 5 am pabalik na sa quezon.... and nakamata ako papa... ug nagyawyaw... ko ug duro... ug nanggawas ang mga pamasangil nga dli mao... wla na lang ko mitingog oi... wla ra bah mi.tuo nga naa ra ko sa gawas... waaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh...

and i dont think nga he/they know nga kami ra ni mico duha ang nagtalk sa gawas... i think they were thinking that naa pud ang uban namo barkada... coz, ang ako ra man gud gi.ingon kai SILA mico ang ako kuyog.. gets?... ahihihi

duh... you know nah how conservative my parents are....

yeah, mico is my best boy bud... and wlang malisya gyud nah sa amo kung kami ra ang magkuyog.. daghan nah intawn mi mga laag nga magkuyog mi duha... daghan na mi mga kabuang na na share with each other... (of course dli gyud pareha ni yen nga half of my life is spent with her... hihihi)

kaso lang gyud late nah man gud to kaayu gud.. basin unsa pa lang gyud ang musulod sa huna-huna ni papa...

duh.. basta i blame mico.. sa iya pagkatabian... wahahahahahahaha

neweiz, ganahan lang unta ko mushare ani nga video.... this was taken the other day... sa balay nila mico.. nagwork mi sa mga lighter nga ipanghatag sa iya papa...
nalingaw ra man gud ko ni ed gud... abnormal gyud ni si ed oi....

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Friday, May 4

vote wisely!

May 14 is fast approaching... what's with May 14?. who doesn’t
know what's with May 14?...


hey!.. May 14, is another election time.. time to elect a
new sets of officials to govern the Republic of the




It cannot be avoided that I would hear people talking about
the election.. Talking about those politicians running for their desired
position.. Even me, I talk about them... talk about their repu and all..


my cuzzin and I were talking a little about politics last
night... coz, I was telling her about what just happened earlier that day… when
we were campaigning for our friend’s father… she was telling me that politics
is a game of evil... her point?.. They are all the same.. corrupt and all... i
say, yeah.. they might be the same... but if people wouldn’t mind about that
and wouldnt vote right, Philippines would be the same...


if posibble know those people running for political
offices.. Research about them.. research about their reputations... know their


what i dont really like about this is that people in some
hard to reach baranggays.. dont even know who are the people behind those


while we were campaigning earlier that day,  I realized that there really are people who
wont hesitate to ask money for the vote... people who would sell their vote...
there was this old lady who kept asking my friend for money... woah.. grabe na


neweiz, my friend didnt really gave her some money.. hey, we
didnt have a budget for that.. and we dont buy votes...






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Saturday, April 28

i hate judgmental

i was just playing inspector parker by GameHouse until somebody sent me an instant message...
that was not really a problem.. im friendly...  can talk to anybody... but i dont know what's wrong with him.. grabe, sinira niya talaga mood ko.. parang umakyat lahat ng dugo ko sa ulo ko... he is giving me highblood pressure... waaaaaaaaahhh

this is our conversation
Joshie Annne bandalan (4/28/2007 12:56:23 PM): may i know u?
exists03 (4/28/2007 12:56:35 PM): im switCh.o1 of ftalk
exists03 (4/28/2007 12:56:41 PM): nd ur mango juice ryt?? ... hehehe
Joshie Annne bandalan (4/28/2007 12:57:27 PM): yup
Joshie Annne bandalan (4/28/2007 12:57:29 PM): hihiihihi
exists03 (4/28/2007 12:57:40 PM): ng a add lng kxe aqoh ng mga tga eptok
exists03 (4/28/2007 12:57:41 PM): wahaha
exists03 (4/28/2007 12:57:46 PM): wats ur real name ?
Joshie Annne bandalan (4/28/2007 12:58:02 PM): yan yung real name ko
Joshie Annne bandalan (4/28/2007 12:58:05 PM): d ka familiar
Joshie Annne bandalan (4/28/2007 12:58:06 PM): ahihi
exists03 (4/28/2007 12:58:13 PM): awts
Joshie Annne bandalan (4/28/2007 12:58:16 PM): d na rin kasi ako masyado visit sa ftalk
Joshie Annne bandalan (4/28/2007 12:58:27 PM): waah
Joshie Annne bandalan (4/28/2007 12:58:30 PM): sori
exists03 (4/28/2007 12:58:32 PM): ndi aqoh familiar ??
Joshie Annne bandalan (4/28/2007 12:58:32 PM): ahihihi
exists03 (4/28/2007 12:58:34 PM):
exists03 (4/28/2007 12:58:37 PM): anoh ba yan ...
Joshie Annne bandalan (4/28/2007 12:58:37 PM): w8
exists03 (4/28/2007 12:58:55 PM): grabeng high class nmn poh ata tngin mo sa sarili nyo
Joshie Annne bandalan (4/28/2007 1:00:03 PM): huh?.. r u judging me?
exists03 (4/28/2007 1:00:10 PM): aus eh
Joshie Annne bandalan (4/28/2007 1:00:17 PM): d lang kasi ako masyadong bumivisit sa ftalk
exists03 (4/28/2007 1:00:21 PM): kxe prang kng mkpg salita po kau
exists03 (4/28/2007 1:00:23 PM): prang high class eh
Joshie Annne bandalan (4/28/2007 1:08:02 PM): i was just telng u that ur not familiar... and if you know.. i dont have a very good memory
Joshie Annne bandalan (4/28/2007 1:08:25 PM): i dont know where i became high class in this conversation
Joshie Annne bandalan (4/28/2007 1:08:42 PM): and if you must know i hate judgmental
exists03 (4/28/2007 1:08:58 PM): gingersweets_josh: d ka familiar
Joshie Annne bandalan (4/28/2007 1:10:01 PM): exists03: hi Joshie Annne bandalan: may i know u? exists03: im switCh.o1 of ftalk exists03: nd ur mango juice ryt?? ... hehehe Joshie Annne bandalan: yup Joshie Annne bandalan: hihiihihi exists03: ng a add lng kxe aqoh ng mga tga eptok exists03: wahaha exists03: wats ur real name ? Joshie Annne bandalan: yan yung real name ko Joshie Annne bandalan: d ka familiar Joshie Annne bandalan: ahihi exists03: awts Joshie Annne bandalan: d na rin kasi ako masyado visit sa ftalk Joshie Annne bandalan: waah Joshie Annne bandalan: sori exists03: ndi aqoh familiar ?? Joshie Annne bandalan: ahihihi exists03: exists03: anoh ba yan ... Joshie Annne bandalan: w8 exists03: grabeng high class nmn poh ata tngin mo sa sarili nyo Joshie Annne bandalan: huh?.. r u judging me? exists03: aus
Joshie Annne bandalan (4/28/2007 1:10:13 PM): please reread the conversation
exists03 (4/28/2007 1:10:26 PM): ung intro mo p nga lng eh
exists03 (4/28/2007 1:10:44 PM): wag n nga lng
exists03 (4/28/2007 1:10:52 PM): wla lng mpapala tong away n toh
Joshie Annne bandalan (4/28/2007 1:10:58 PM): is that a problem if i ask if may i know you?
Joshie Annne bandalan (4/28/2007 1:11:12 PM): ur not in my ym
exists03 (4/28/2007 1:11:17 PM): sorry poh huh ... i hate ENGLISH ..
Joshie Annne bandalan (4/28/2007 1:11:20 PM): and i dont have a very good memory
Joshie Annne bandalan (4/28/2007 1:11:30 PM): u hate english but ur in ftalk
Joshie Annne bandalan (4/28/2007 1:11:34 PM): people in ftalk
Joshie Annne bandalan (4/28/2007 1:11:37 PM): talk in english
Joshie Annne bandalan (4/28/2007 1:11:40 PM): what an irony
exists03 (4/28/2007 1:11:43 PM): pilit ang english qoh dun
exists03 (4/28/2007 1:12:00 PM): purki ba nsa eptok ka english lover kna
exists03 (4/28/2007 1:12:04 PM): aus huh

please.. will anybody out there tell me kung saan ako naging high class?...

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Thursday, April 19

joker arroyo on myspace

wahahahahahaha... i dont know.. i just feel like laughing.... wahahahahahahahahahahah

its just that i was checking my myspace acount.. then i found out that joker arroyo added me in his friendslist... (or was that really him?... hahah) neweiz, i was just thinking pati bah naman sya?.. may myspace din?.. grabe na talaga ang social networking sites nagyon.. hahahaha

then, i checked his profile and there was some picture slideshows and it said there that his age 80.. well, that's not i im really laughing about.. i was also checking his comments and this comment made me laugh


neweiz, this made me remember that my clasmate ghen also approved a friendster friend request from a politcian from davao.. well, that was her friend...

ano bah through myspace or friendster na bah mangangampanya?... hehehehe.. why not?.... grabe nah to....

if that wasn't the real joker arroyo the owner of that acount must be a friend or a supporter of a joker arroyo...

duh.. whatever... im still not voting for him... wahahahahaha....

and oh, i cant vote too... hihihih

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Sunday, April 8

zap me out from this world!

hahaiz.. here i am again.. typing another blog about my insaneness.. waaaaaahhh...

i dont know.. right this moment.. i wish that somebody out there will zap me from this world...

im almost 20 (hate to admit it) and i still cry like i do when i was 15 or 16... i feel like they havent accepted the fact that somehow i need freedom and i need to be treated my age...

i wish that they understand me... i wish that they will listen.. i wish that they can read my mind...

they dont want me to talk back... well, me and my big mouth... i just can't take it... sometimes i just answer back.. well, i answer back because i want them to be fair... i want them to know how i feel and i want them to understand what's going on in my mind... i need my freedom of expression...

i wish that he will learn to accept that sometimes not because she came out to this world first then he knows everything... i wish that soon he will learn to accept the fact that he too commits mistake...

every time we do something wrong.. harsh words would usually come out in his mouth... but if he commits mistake?... we dont talk about it... grrrrrrrrrr.....

there are times that i wish i'm living with my own... i mean, stay in a boarding house.. that way, i could have peace of mind... maybe that way, i can concentrate with my studies... urgh..

i guess that's the reason why i love being at school or being with my friends...

well, yeah.. sometimes i know its all my fault... coz, im useless... im a nobody... and im not someone to be proud of...

well, no matter what, i cant take to hate them... i still love them... i just sometimes wish that in any way, they will know how i feel..


Somebody please zap me from this world!.....

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Thursday, April 5

no pc monitor

waaaaaahhhhhhhh.. sira ang pc ko... the last day of our overtime for our video production project was the exact day that my pc monitor went down... hahaizzzz...

kung kailan i'll have lots of time to visit the net coz, our video production project is already done, that time pa nasira ang pc ko.. shocks.... hahaha..

kinakanchawan na lang ako ng clasmates ko na may hard feeling daw ang pc ko sa akin coz di ko pinansin for a day..

it's because i wasnt able to go home coz my clasmate accedentally deleted some files of our movie.. and we have to redo it... recapture the scenes and put the missing files back... waaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh.... wla kaming ligo that time.. dire-diretso na sa trabaho... good thing mga mababait kaming groupmates.. or else... waaaaaaaahhhhhhhh....

neweiz, i just hope and pray that i can have a new pc monitor... ive been asking my mom to buy me a new computer table but i think the pc monitor should come first... what's the use of my table if i dont have a computer?.. hahahahah

neweiz, our landline is still in our new house.. so people just have to contact me through text... my big bro already went to the globelines office in tacloban but they said my father should be the one to inquire for the transfer since its his name that was registered... whew..

i guess we have to pay for the broadband for a month without actually using it.... waaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh....

ill talk more next time... i dont have enough time.... or shall i say cash... ;)

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Wednesday, March 21

Mango Juice

hehehe... i have so many things to say, yet im not gonna say it now...

wanna know why?... because, i dont have time.. hahahahaha

im not at home right now, we are here in the office of the director of research and extension, LSU, Visca, Baybay, Leyte.. hihihi...

we are editing our video documentation as a final output for our video production class...

right now, we are certified nocturnals.. sleep in the morning and work in the evening. waaaaaaahh...

neweiz, that's not what im going to blog about right now.. hei, i already told you i have no time.. hahahaha

right now, it's all about what i found out in friendster....

thug, thug, thug, thug... hahahaha.. am i making you nervous?....

well, dont be... coz what im going to say is nonsense... hahaha

actually, my classmate rushelle was checking her new friendster acount and she was asking my name in friendster.. so i told her my user name is Mango Juice... and then, we found out that there is a new user named MAngo Juice... waaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh....

hei, im the original Mango Juice and everybody knows that... waaaaaaaahhhhh...

well, this is not really a big deal.. im just going to report her as abused.. ngakngakngak.....

and what's funny is, she's a new user, haven't uploaded a photo and havent added a friend and im already planning on reporting her profile.. wahahahahaha....

hehehehe.... not really... that was just a joke.. therefor, dont mind me.. ngakngakngak...

byebye!.. Good morning everyone.... God bless us all...

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Sunday, March 18

basta.. yun nah!

cge matulog nah lang anay ko... mata ko ug sau kai maghimu ko sa reaction paper... nindot man gud nah ang cramming gud... wahahahaha... saonzzzzzz....

unsa bah ni oi.. nga nagdaot man ang ako tiyan sa posrk barbecue sa tiangge... waaaaaaahhhhhhhh....

i blame rizza... ingon bitaw ko nga mag pizza mi... saonzzzzz....

puede ra sad unta to ug balut... lami man d.i nah ang balut noh?.. pero dli ko mukaon sa chick... waaaaaaahhhhhhhh....

mura man ko ug nakadrugs karon oi.. nagtinabi man ko... nalifong na man cguro ko.. dah, matulog nah lagi oi.. mahadlok man sad ko magkanightmare... busog pa ra bah ko... pero nagdaot lagi ako tiyan sa pork barbecue...


sori na lang gyud kai ngaubs ko karon... wahahahahaha...

ala una diyes na man d.i.. buntag nah.. daun mumata pa ko ug alas 5 or 6 cguro.. magmake ko ug reaction paper sa the day after tommorow...

palpak man nah nga movie oi.. scifi gyud d.i xa... saonzzzzzz....

pagxur oi....

lagi.. imposible man sad oi nga mabalik ta sa ice age in just 1 day...

pagkabulok sa writer.. wahihihi...

ahw, ingon bitaw nga science fiction.. so fiction gyud...

hoi mangga.. tugpa nah... dli mag cge ug yawyaw... na asnu man waks?... wahihihihihi

sory for those who can't understand.. hihihi

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Saturday, March 17

Another Friday, another party...

This entry would be like my review to this disco bar here in baybay. Well, I’ve been living here in baybay since I was born, and I was here in baybay when The Music Vision Disco Bar started its operation but last night was my first time to be there.

Actually the original plan was to party in Godfather. But there were some technical errors (char) and I don’t know, there’s something wrong with the dance floor. So we got a little disappointed coz we’ve been planning this for one week and when we got there, the place was almost empty. I mean, there was only a few costumers there, as in the fewest few.. hahahaha…

So, we went to Music Vision instead. By the way, the Agri-business juniors were also there and Rushelle’s group was also there. Same people as last week. Hahaha…

Anyway, the place was ok, but I think, the door was just so heavy… waaaaaaahhhhh…

And I think it would be better if the DJ playing those music is in front of the Dance floor and the music they will be playing won’t be those “pangmasa”… coz, it sounds like it’s a disco in a baranggay.. (hahahaha.. hinawayon daw kuno ko ingon c terummi.. waaaaaaahhhhhhh.. tinuod man pud)

            Oh well, I guess I just compared it to the Spirit Disco in Baguio City

. Anyweiz, the place was still ok. They were friendly (the owner and the staff and crew.. wahahahahaha....) , and the people there were still enjoying. and it was ok still, since it's not that expecnsive, compared to those disco bars in big cities. But there is another thing that I noticed; it’s the fire exit,


            I don’t know, I just think that nothing should block the fire exit… hey, people usually panic during emergencies and tragedies. It’s a fire exit, the way should be clear.


and oh, there was this man who kept insisting Iking and Rick to dirty dance with him… eeeeeeeeewwwwwwwww… first, he was Dancing with Iking, but Iking left him soon, he didn’t like the man coz he was drunk and he was so bastos… then, he kept grabbing Rick and insisted to dance with him, but Rick won’t and he kept on holding back. The scenery pissed me off, pupuntahan ko na


ang lalaking yun, thank God inaway na pala sya ni Ghen, who was just sitting beside Rick.. and so that guy flew away … waaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh….

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Wednesday, March 14

copycats on the loose

im just so frustrated, disappointed, crushed, down, dsconcerted, depresed... waaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh....

ahihihih.. joke...

nothing really important... we just had our final exam in Animal Science 21 and the exam was so so so so difficult.. i guess.. toinkzzz... well, difficult for those who didn't study and im one of them... waaaaahhhhhh.. hei, i studied but i think that wasn't enough... hheeeeeellllppppp!!!!!.. i need to concentrate...

neweiz, back to the exam... what really made it difficult was that our instructor included the topic about respiration and we didn’t expect he’d include that… as in all of us didn’t expect… waaaaaaaaahhhhh…

I guess he included that coz he’s still disappointed at us.. waaaaahhhhhh… and if you remember I blogged about the day which our instructor got mad at us respiration was actually the lesson of the day at that time….

click her for that entry

Neweiz, we’re still ok about the exam… the truth is the exam turned out to be open notes.. our instructor didn’t really allow us and the proctor didn’t tell us to open our notes.. I gues it just so happened.. wahihihihi…

Nah, everybody was sharing each others answers.. our proctor kept saying that we would get a minus 10 from our score but we didn’t mind him or shall I say her.. wahihihihi

So that’s it, while I was waiting for the answer of my classmate I was also checking my other classmate.. the scenery just made me laugh.. everybody is sharing their answers as if our proctor didn’t know… there were murmurs and whispers about the answers… wahihihihi.. it made me wish I have brought my camera so I can document us sharing answers during the final exam… waaaaaaaahhhhhhh…

If only I just brought my camera I could have shared here in my blog pictures or video of us sharing each other’s answer… that would could have been a nice picture that would surely depict reality.. hei, of course it will depict reality coz its reality.. wahihihihi

Lesson I learned today?.. always bring my camera coz I’ll never know.. ;)

Waaaaaahhhhhhhh.. so enough of that.. another topic please….

I was checking youtube videos this morning, and I was checking some featured videos and came across to some nonsense video blogs… it made me think that maybe one of these days I’ll create my own video blog and post it here… maybe ill try that… talk infront of the camera and talk about silly and nonsense things… hahahaha.. and then hope that my viewers will enjoy the video but if not then I can do nothing…..

so watch out for the launching of my video blog or shall I say vlog.. wahihihih

in the mean time you can just visit my youtube acount and check some of my videos...

my youtube videos

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Saturday, March 10

Project and party

hahahaha.. All work and no play makes us dumb... that's our motto..

Actually i still haven’t got enough sleep. Coz we were having overtime for our assignment in DC 151 (video production class)... we were working here at my place...

but hey, its friday and its the day of the week when people go out to party.. and so, we worked on our project and tried to finish it immediately and went to Godfather Barbecue House and partied their… we went out around twelve and went back here at three… whew…

P3100627  P3100676  P3100646

P3100618    yeah.. Bonnie (black) was there again.. hahaha... as usual...

P3100678 hahaha.. and there was also Rushele Ann...

P3100639  and joseph suddenly appear... hahaha.. he was with his co majors and instructor...


P3100682  P3100681 these are the party animals...

do you want to see me dance?...


hahaha.. don’t tell my parents I partied last night… actually they didn’t know coz they slept in our soon-to-be-new house since they know me and my group mates will be having an overtime for our project.. hahaha

and oh, there were lots of LSU students there.. maybe, they partied coz they know they can’t party next week coz it’s hell week again… whew.. next week will be our final exam.. Better start studying now… heeeeeeeelllllllpppppppp!!!!!!!........ I need to get better grades… waaaaaaahhhhhhhhh


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Thursday, March 8

tutorial: how i made my clickies

today i received a message from somebody asking me how i made my clickies or the link buttons...

so this is how...

first is to prepare ur buttons..
i got mine from

download the button then upload it to an image hosting site like

then use this code for every button

<a href="URL OF UR SITE" target="_blank"><img src="URL OF UR BUTTON" border="0" alt="SITE DESCRIPTION"></a>

hope u get this... ;)
Good luck and God bless ;)

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Wednesday, February 28

video: me, itat, april & miguel

at the beach... sa punong.. wla lang lingaw... waaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh

so?.. what can u say?... ahihihih

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Wednesday, February 21

the shorts day 4 DC juniors

hahaha.. yesterday we agreed to wear short pants today.. and yes we did... some even wondered why we were wearing shorts...

hahahaha... its like the general cleaning of the DDC... hahahaha.. bleeeeeeehhh...

P2210287  P2210289 

P2210317  P2210343

P2210344  P2210347

(click pictures to enlarge)

crazy party animals but are not in a party... hihihhihi

hei clasmates!.. what's next?...

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Sunday, February 18

beware of friendster worm

Shocks, I got infected by this friendster worm

This morning I saw somebody posted in the bulletin about this friendster worm… I read it and followed the link he gave to prove that there really is this worm…. He was warning everyone but I didn’t mind it at all…

Neweiz, I checked my profile but my codes are not working and there was this pop up that was being blocked by my browser… I don’t really know what was going on, do I pasted my codes again… I viewed my profile and it was working… moments later I viewed my profile again, and there it was again, my codes are not working again… I kept pasting my codes to my media box over and over again… and the same thing happen… after I paste and save my codes my profile was working right but moments later it isn’t again… I thought it was because of my merlin code, so I pasted back my codes without the merlin code… so my profile was working right…

A while ago, I was checking my second account coz im planning to make a new layout…  but as im about to edit my layout, my codes in my media box are gone and I saw this code..

(*click the link to see the code)

This is the only code left in my media box…

I remember about the bulletin… I coppied and pasted the code in my notepad…

I opened my original account and checked the bulletin posted by this guy… i clicked the linked that he gave which lead me to marckyctrigger furom… I read the furom and yeah, we have similar problem….

I also saw the same warning from

I made a little experiment since a worm is self-replicating. I know that if I view my 2nd account using my original account that code I saw in my 2nd account will replicate to my original friendster account… after I viewed my 2nd account, I viewed my own account.. and yes, my codes are not working again… I checked my media box, and I saw similar code after all my codes… shocks.. ano to?... waaaaahhhhhhhh

Neweiz, I already deleted my cookies and temporary internet files… and I also changed my password… don’t worry im no longer infected… and I hope I wont be infected again…

So be alert… don’t be a victim...L

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