Sunday, February 18

beware of friendster worm

Shocks, I got infected by this friendster worm

This morning I saw somebody posted in the bulletin about this friendster worm… I read it and followed the link he gave to prove that there really is this worm…. He was warning everyone but I didn’t mind it at all…

Neweiz, I checked my profile but my codes are not working and there was this pop up that was being blocked by my browser… I don’t really know what was going on, do I pasted my codes again… I viewed my profile and it was working… moments later I viewed my profile again, and there it was again, my codes are not working again… I kept pasting my codes to my media box over and over again… and the same thing happen… after I paste and save my codes my profile was working right but moments later it isn’t again… I thought it was because of my merlin code, so I pasted back my codes without the merlin code… so my profile was working right…

A while ago, I was checking my second account coz im planning to make a new layout…  but as im about to edit my layout, my codes in my media box are gone and I saw this code..

(*click the link to see the code)

This is the only code left in my media box…

I remember about the bulletin… I coppied and pasted the code in my notepad…

I opened my original account and checked the bulletin posted by this guy… i clicked the linked that he gave which lead me to marckyctrigger furom… I read the furom and yeah, we have similar problem….

I also saw the same warning from

I made a little experiment since a worm is self-replicating. I know that if I view my 2nd account using my original account that code I saw in my 2nd account will replicate to my original friendster account… after I viewed my 2nd account, I viewed my own account.. and yes, my codes are not working again… I checked my media box, and I saw similar code after all my codes… shocks.. ano to?... waaaaahhhhhhhh

Neweiz, I already deleted my cookies and temporary internet files… and I also changed my password… don’t worry im no longer infected… and I hope I wont be infected again…

So be alert… don’t be a victim...L


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