Sunday, February 11

few things i hate in mIRC

I usually park in mIRC every time I feel bored with the net… when I have nothing else to check in my friendster and myspace… well, I just park in mIRC and wait if somebody will throw me a Hi!... hahaaha

Neweiz, I noticed a chatting pattern in mIRC..

Its like, first is the hi-hello thingy, then knowing the ASL.. then, asking if your still studying, knowing the course and what’s next?... “Do you have friendster?... or Got friendster?.. duh, this lines sometimes irritates me… I don’t know.. but we haven’t even talked a lot… then they already ask for friendster… we even havn’t got any topic… duh…   and after getting each others friendster, nothing will come next…

And what irritates me more than this is some IRC people pm you and just ask for friendster… hello, im not collecting friends on my friendster list… I only add people I know… although I also add people I know from the net or mIRC, at least I know a few background of them.. hahaha…

Neweiz, I don’t really give my friendster account to people who are just collecting friends…

And to be honest… people who don’t know URL sometimes irritates me… there is one time that I was chatting in mIRC and this guy was asking my friendster so I gave him my URL… and he told me im a liar coz it wasn’t my friendster.. hahahah.. he copied my friendster URL and paste in the search box… hahahah… that was supposed to be ok, telling him to just click the URL isn’t hard but he was being mean… waaaaahhhhhh

Another thing that I hate in mIRC is the people who ask me if im still a virgin... HELLO!... of course I am.. im a Christian… I value virginity… and I believe that sex is gift from God for married couple…  I don’t really tolerate those people… I hate it when, you already have a topic and suddenly the guy on the other end asks about sex… I don’t think it is polite… if it we were only talking face to face, I could have slapped those guys…  and what irritates me more than that, are the people who pm you and ask for sex… HELLO again!... im in a community chatroom not… we are not in cybersex chatroom/channel… neweiz, usually tell them that they got the wrong girl and then, ignore them…

And oh, I hate it when they ask me for topic… I don’t know..  why don’t they just let it flow… talk about anything… why I really hate it?.. its because usually when they ask you for topic, they meant the topic to be sex… I don’t really think it’s polite to ask about that… ask if you have tried it and if your still a virgin… (close ta? waaaahhh) we don’t even know each other… and you are asking me those things… I’ could have slapped you if we were talking face to face… I need respect.. ok?… again, Im a virgin.. Im a Christian and I value virginity… Sex is a God given gift for married couple only..

Actually im in mIRC right now… and yes, there goes the pattern again.. waaaaahhhh


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