Saturday, March 17

Another Friday, another party...

This entry would be like my review to this disco bar here in baybay. Well, I’ve been living here in baybay since I was born, and I was here in baybay when The Music Vision Disco Bar started its operation but last night was my first time to be there.

Actually the original plan was to party in Godfather. But there were some technical errors (char) and I don’t know, there’s something wrong with the dance floor. So we got a little disappointed coz we’ve been planning this for one week and when we got there, the place was almost empty. I mean, there was only a few costumers there, as in the fewest few.. hahahaha…

So, we went to Music Vision instead. By the way, the Agri-business juniors were also there and Rushelle’s group was also there. Same people as last week. Hahaha…

Anyway, the place was ok, but I think, the door was just so heavy… waaaaaaahhhhh…

And I think it would be better if the DJ playing those music is in front of the Dance floor and the music they will be playing won’t be those “pangmasa”… coz, it sounds like it’s a disco in a baranggay.. (hahahaha.. hinawayon daw kuno ko ingon c terummi.. waaaaaaahhhhhhh.. tinuod man pud)

            Oh well, I guess I just compared it to the Spirit Disco in Baguio City

. Anyweiz, the place was still ok. They were friendly (the owner and the staff and crew.. wahahahahaha....) , and the people there were still enjoying. and it was ok still, since it's not that expecnsive, compared to those disco bars in big cities. But there is another thing that I noticed; it’s the fire exit,


            I don’t know, I just think that nothing should block the fire exit… hey, people usually panic during emergencies and tragedies. It’s a fire exit, the way should be clear.


and oh, there was this man who kept insisting Iking and Rick to dirty dance with him… eeeeeeeeewwwwwwwww… first, he was Dancing with Iking, but Iking left him soon, he didn’t like the man coz he was drunk and he was so bastos… then, he kept grabbing Rick and insisted to dance with him, but Rick won’t and he kept on holding back. The scenery pissed me off, pupuntahan ko na


ang lalaking yun, thank God inaway na pala sya ni Ghen, who was just sitting beside Rick.. and so that guy flew away … waaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh….


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