Saturday, April 28

i hate judgmental

i was just playing inspector parker by GameHouse until somebody sent me an instant message...
that was not really a problem.. im friendly...  can talk to anybody... but i dont know what's wrong with him.. grabe, sinira niya talaga mood ko.. parang umakyat lahat ng dugo ko sa ulo ko... he is giving me highblood pressure... waaaaaaaaahhh

this is our conversation
Joshie Annne bandalan (4/28/2007 12:56:23 PM): may i know u?
exists03 (4/28/2007 12:56:35 PM): im switCh.o1 of ftalk
exists03 (4/28/2007 12:56:41 PM): nd ur mango juice ryt?? ... hehehe
Joshie Annne bandalan (4/28/2007 12:57:27 PM): yup
Joshie Annne bandalan (4/28/2007 12:57:29 PM): hihiihihi
exists03 (4/28/2007 12:57:40 PM): ng a add lng kxe aqoh ng mga tga eptok
exists03 (4/28/2007 12:57:41 PM): wahaha
exists03 (4/28/2007 12:57:46 PM): wats ur real name ?
Joshie Annne bandalan (4/28/2007 12:58:02 PM): yan yung real name ko
Joshie Annne bandalan (4/28/2007 12:58:05 PM): d ka familiar
Joshie Annne bandalan (4/28/2007 12:58:06 PM): ahihi
exists03 (4/28/2007 12:58:13 PM): awts
Joshie Annne bandalan (4/28/2007 12:58:16 PM): d na rin kasi ako masyado visit sa ftalk
Joshie Annne bandalan (4/28/2007 12:58:27 PM): waah
Joshie Annne bandalan (4/28/2007 12:58:30 PM): sori
exists03 (4/28/2007 12:58:32 PM): ndi aqoh familiar ??
Joshie Annne bandalan (4/28/2007 12:58:32 PM): ahihihi
exists03 (4/28/2007 12:58:34 PM):
exists03 (4/28/2007 12:58:37 PM): anoh ba yan ...
Joshie Annne bandalan (4/28/2007 12:58:37 PM): w8
exists03 (4/28/2007 12:58:55 PM): grabeng high class nmn poh ata tngin mo sa sarili nyo
Joshie Annne bandalan (4/28/2007 1:00:03 PM): huh?.. r u judging me?
exists03 (4/28/2007 1:00:10 PM): aus eh
Joshie Annne bandalan (4/28/2007 1:00:17 PM): d lang kasi ako masyadong bumivisit sa ftalk
exists03 (4/28/2007 1:00:21 PM): kxe prang kng mkpg salita po kau
exists03 (4/28/2007 1:00:23 PM): prang high class eh
Joshie Annne bandalan (4/28/2007 1:08:02 PM): i was just telng u that ur not familiar... and if you know.. i dont have a very good memory
Joshie Annne bandalan (4/28/2007 1:08:25 PM): i dont know where i became high class in this conversation
Joshie Annne bandalan (4/28/2007 1:08:42 PM): and if you must know i hate judgmental
exists03 (4/28/2007 1:08:58 PM): gingersweets_josh: d ka familiar
Joshie Annne bandalan (4/28/2007 1:10:01 PM): exists03: hi Joshie Annne bandalan: may i know u? exists03: im switCh.o1 of ftalk exists03: nd ur mango juice ryt?? ... hehehe Joshie Annne bandalan: yup Joshie Annne bandalan: hihiihihi exists03: ng a add lng kxe aqoh ng mga tga eptok exists03: wahaha exists03: wats ur real name ? Joshie Annne bandalan: yan yung real name ko Joshie Annne bandalan: d ka familiar Joshie Annne bandalan: ahihi exists03: awts Joshie Annne bandalan: d na rin kasi ako masyado visit sa ftalk Joshie Annne bandalan: waah Joshie Annne bandalan: sori exists03: ndi aqoh familiar ?? Joshie Annne bandalan: ahihihi exists03: exists03: anoh ba yan ... Joshie Annne bandalan: w8 exists03: grabeng high class nmn poh ata tngin mo sa sarili nyo Joshie Annne bandalan: huh?.. r u judging me? exists03: aus
Joshie Annne bandalan (4/28/2007 1:10:13 PM): please reread the conversation
exists03 (4/28/2007 1:10:26 PM): ung intro mo p nga lng eh
exists03 (4/28/2007 1:10:44 PM): wag n nga lng
exists03 (4/28/2007 1:10:52 PM): wla lng mpapala tong away n toh
Joshie Annne bandalan (4/28/2007 1:10:58 PM): is that a problem if i ask if may i know you?
Joshie Annne bandalan (4/28/2007 1:11:12 PM): ur not in my ym
exists03 (4/28/2007 1:11:17 PM): sorry poh huh ... i hate ENGLISH ..
Joshie Annne bandalan (4/28/2007 1:11:20 PM): and i dont have a very good memory
Joshie Annne bandalan (4/28/2007 1:11:30 PM): u hate english but ur in ftalk
Joshie Annne bandalan (4/28/2007 1:11:34 PM): people in ftalk
Joshie Annne bandalan (4/28/2007 1:11:37 PM): talk in english
Joshie Annne bandalan (4/28/2007 1:11:40 PM): what an irony
exists03 (4/28/2007 1:11:43 PM): pilit ang english qoh dun
exists03 (4/28/2007 1:12:00 PM): purki ba nsa eptok ka english lover kna
exists03 (4/28/2007 1:12:04 PM): aus huh

please.. will anybody out there tell me kung saan ako naging high class?...

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Thursday, April 19

joker arroyo on myspace

wahahahahahaha... i dont know.. i just feel like laughing.... wahahahahahahahahahahah

its just that i was checking my myspace acount.. then i found out that joker arroyo added me in his friendslist... (or was that really him?... hahah) neweiz, i was just thinking pati bah naman sya?.. may myspace din?.. grabe na talaga ang social networking sites nagyon.. hahahaha

then, i checked his profile and there was some picture slideshows and it said there that his age 80.. well, that's not i im really laughing about.. i was also checking his comments and this comment made me laugh


neweiz, this made me remember that my clasmate ghen also approved a friendster friend request from a politcian from davao.. well, that was her friend...

ano bah through myspace or friendster na bah mangangampanya?... hehehehe.. why not?.... grabe nah to....

if that wasn't the real joker arroyo the owner of that acount must be a friend or a supporter of a joker arroyo...

duh.. whatever... im still not voting for him... wahahahahaha....

and oh, i cant vote too... hihihih

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Sunday, April 8

zap me out from this world!

hahaiz.. here i am again.. typing another blog about my insaneness.. waaaaaahhh...

i dont know.. right this moment.. i wish that somebody out there will zap me from this world...

im almost 20 (hate to admit it) and i still cry like i do when i was 15 or 16... i feel like they havent accepted the fact that somehow i need freedom and i need to be treated my age...

i wish that they understand me... i wish that they will listen.. i wish that they can read my mind...

they dont want me to talk back... well, me and my big mouth... i just can't take it... sometimes i just answer back.. well, i answer back because i want them to be fair... i want them to know how i feel and i want them to understand what's going on in my mind... i need my freedom of expression...

i wish that he will learn to accept that sometimes not because she came out to this world first then he knows everything... i wish that soon he will learn to accept the fact that he too commits mistake...

every time we do something wrong.. harsh words would usually come out in his mouth... but if he commits mistake?... we dont talk about it... grrrrrrrrrr.....

there are times that i wish i'm living with my own... i mean, stay in a boarding house.. that way, i could have peace of mind... maybe that way, i can concentrate with my studies... urgh..

i guess that's the reason why i love being at school or being with my friends...

well, yeah.. sometimes i know its all my fault... coz, im useless... im a nobody... and im not someone to be proud of...

well, no matter what, i cant take to hate them... i still love them... i just sometimes wish that in any way, they will know how i feel..


Somebody please zap me from this world!.....

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Thursday, April 5

no pc monitor

waaaaaahhhhhhhh.. sira ang pc ko... the last day of our overtime for our video production project was the exact day that my pc monitor went down... hahaizzzz...

kung kailan i'll have lots of time to visit the net coz, our video production project is already done, that time pa nasira ang pc ko.. shocks.... hahaha..

kinakanchawan na lang ako ng clasmates ko na may hard feeling daw ang pc ko sa akin coz di ko pinansin for a day..

it's because i wasnt able to go home coz my clasmate accedentally deleted some files of our movie.. and we have to redo it... recapture the scenes and put the missing files back... waaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh.... wla kaming ligo that time.. dire-diretso na sa trabaho... good thing mga mababait kaming groupmates.. or else... waaaaaaaahhhhhhhh....

neweiz, i just hope and pray that i can have a new pc monitor... ive been asking my mom to buy me a new computer table but i think the pc monitor should come first... what's the use of my table if i dont have a computer?.. hahahahah

neweiz, our landline is still in our new house.. so people just have to contact me through text... my big bro already went to the globelines office in tacloban but they said my father should be the one to inquire for the transfer since its his name that was registered... whew..

i guess we have to pay for the broadband for a month without actually using it.... waaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh....

ill talk more next time... i dont have enough time.... or shall i say cash... ;)

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