Thursday, April 19

joker arroyo on myspace

wahahahahahaha... i dont know.. i just feel like laughing.... wahahahahahahahahahahah

its just that i was checking my myspace acount.. then i found out that joker arroyo added me in his friendslist... (or was that really him?... hahah) neweiz, i was just thinking pati bah naman sya?.. may myspace din?.. grabe na talaga ang social networking sites nagyon.. hahahaha

then, i checked his profile and there was some picture slideshows and it said there that his age 80.. well, that's not i im really laughing about.. i was also checking his comments and this comment made me laugh


neweiz, this made me remember that my clasmate ghen also approved a friendster friend request from a politcian from davao.. well, that was her friend...

ano bah through myspace or friendster na bah mangangampanya?... hehehehe.. why not?.... grabe nah to....

if that wasn't the real joker arroyo the owner of that acount must be a friend or a supporter of a joker arroyo...

duh.. whatever... im still not voting for him... wahahahahaha....

and oh, i cant vote too... hihihih


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