Thursday, April 5

no pc monitor

waaaaaahhhhhhhh.. sira ang pc ko... the last day of our overtime for our video production project was the exact day that my pc monitor went down... hahaizzzz...

kung kailan i'll have lots of time to visit the net coz, our video production project is already done, that time pa nasira ang pc ko.. shocks.... hahaha..

kinakanchawan na lang ako ng clasmates ko na may hard feeling daw ang pc ko sa akin coz di ko pinansin for a day..

it's because i wasnt able to go home coz my clasmate accedentally deleted some files of our movie.. and we have to redo it... recapture the scenes and put the missing files back... waaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh.... wla kaming ligo that time.. dire-diretso na sa trabaho... good thing mga mababait kaming groupmates.. or else... waaaaaaaahhhhhhhh....

neweiz, i just hope and pray that i can have a new pc monitor... ive been asking my mom to buy me a new computer table but i think the pc monitor should come first... what's the use of my table if i dont have a computer?.. hahahahah

neweiz, our landline is still in our new house.. so people just have to contact me through text... my big bro already went to the globelines office in tacloban but they said my father should be the one to inquire for the transfer since its his name that was registered... whew..

i guess we have to pay for the broadband for a month without actually using it.... waaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh....

ill talk more next time... i dont have enough time.... or shall i say cash... ;)


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