Wednesday, May 23

i lost my phone.... again?....

ok, so it all started last sunday when mico, yen and i
planned to play counter strike in an internet cafe the next day...


so, last Monday, after we ate in the Barbecue plaza, Mico,
Itat, Yen, CC, April, Motet and I, went to the Hype internet cafe to play...


when, we got tired playing counter strike, we de decided to
play DotA… but there was a connection problem with the LAN connection of the
DotA… so that was why, we decided to transfer to the other internet café…


from Hype internet Café, we decided to go to the


Internet café… so while, on the why, I noticed that my phone isn’t in my

So, itat, April and I went back to the café. I wasn’t really
feeling nervous, like im really losing my phone.

When we arrived back in the café, April asked the the owner
if they noticed my phone, but they didn’t. then, the girl who was sitting next
to the computer that I was using told her that she noticed some kids got near
to the pc I was using. Then, ate Jingle, the owner suggested to call my
number.. and so April, being the ‘baga ug
  asked them, to use their
phone to call my number… and it was ringing… waaaaaaaaahhhhhhh


Itat, being optimistic, told me that if it is ringing then,
it could be that mico got my phone. Itat kept saying that “naa ra gyud lagi to
ni mico”


But before that, april asked me if im sure that I didn’t left
it in the place where we ate our dinner…


And I was so positive that I still, have it in the café, coz
at first I put it just next to my mouse, and si mico nalipat sa ako phone, iya
gigunitan kai nagtuo siya nga mouse… wla man gud… wahahahahaha


So, that could be the reason that itat keeps telling me nga
naa niya ang ako phone… and usa pud, si mico ra ang kusog magbinuang… and sa
bulsa pud nah ni mico ibutang nako dayun ang ako phone ug kapoyan ko ug bitbit…



And so that’s it, we went to


and asked mico, if he have
it… but he keeps denying… I asked yen to call my number, told me its ringing..
but the problem is, my phone’s profile was silent… huhuhuhuhuhu


So, we went back to the café.. and wen April was about to
ask the owner again, about those kids who were inside the café, I stopped her….



Waaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh………. Ang TANGA konaa ra man d.i ang
ako telepono sa ako back pocket… waaaaaaaahhhhhh….
Didn’t feel it coz I was
driving the motorcycle and im not used to putting my phone at my back pocket…. Waaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh….


And so, nagkinatawa na lang mi tulo nga namalik ngadto nila
Yen… wahahahahahahah….


O sige nah, enough of that…


We were able to play DotA but not in


, as in
nangita gyud mi ug café nga puede mi makadula… kai ang mga internet café kai
nagclose nah.. so didto na lang mi sa Taboan… LG man cguro ang name sa café…


And im still a noob to DOTa so, ill be practicing that… will
anybody out there give me some tips… and where can I download that game?.. or
will anybody out there just let me borrow the installer?... J


Thankz.. ahihihi


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