Tuesday, May 29

incosiderate people


there are just some people who are so inconsiderate...
(yeah, i admit there are
times im one of them
i dont know.. its just that, i met one of the inconsiderate people this
morning, while we were in Jolibee Ormoc...
as expected, there were kind a lot of people inside Jolibee, and of course, you
have to fall in line to take your order..
so there i was, falling in line... waiting for my turn...

 but actually i was in
a hurry, coz, i was with my father, and my mother is waiting for us in the

ok, so it was almost my turn… the lady before me is already
taking her order..  

the problem is, she keeps on asking to change the burger
because the patty is burnt (according to her), when in fact, it’s not…

then, me, almost loosing my patience butt-in and said, ‘I think
that’s just normal’.. but the lady said, no, they should change it, cause, it
will cause her cancer.. duh, I didn’t answer back.. I was controlling my
patience… well, she already have her senior citizen card.. I just
gave her some respect..

the problem, is can’t she see that there are people at her
back waiting for there turn to order… duh,,.. I was so glad, when the cashier finally
just gave her number coz they are making her, her “special burger”… duh….


Well, a lot of people keeps on complaining about almost
everything… they’re not even thinking what’s the real deal…


Yeah.. im one of them… but not all the time… ;)



But from now on, lets make a pact that as much as possible,
we will be considerate… ;)


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