Wednesday, June 20

me in the limelight again.. wahahahaha

After three years of silence I finally performed in front of
a crowd… whew… hahahaha..


Not really into dancing anymore.. the last time I danced in front of a crowd was back in first year college… that was during our acquaintance
party.. we danced to the music of Black Eyed Peas… and that was shut up…


Oh no, that’s not the last time, the last time was during
the Dance Palabas or the Mass Dance back in first year college.. that was
during the LSU intramurals… whew..



And now, here I am.. dancing to the beat of Itaktak and Adododo a famous pop dance here in the country…


Well, I don’t know… at first I was thinking that, it’s ok if
I dance at least only my DevCom family will be there, until I realized hey, I’ll
be dancing infront of the students and faculty under the College of Agriculture…


I wanted to back out, but they wont let me.. because
according to our instructor everybody should have a presentation.. he wont
promise for an incentive but he promise a punishment for those who wont join
the presentation.. waaaaaaaaaahhhhhh… kaloka na man to… waaaaaaaaahhhhhh


Neweiz, so here is the video of our dance



You can’t find me?... well, that’s your problem.. ahihihi



Neweiz, I have more videos during that night… it’s in my
youtube channel… its


I only took a video of the presentation of my DevCom family…
hahahahah.. bias bah?... ahihihi… sory, I only have 1 gig memory card… I cant
take a video of the whole program.. duh… waaaaaaaahhhhhhhh




Neweiz, before I will publish this blog, I want to share
this pic..



I don’t know.. I just find it nice and amazing.. (hahahaha..
strong word?.. ahihihi) I just like it.. I like the shot… and my model?.. I find
him cute in this pic, coz he looks like the lost big brother of Yong An of
Going Bulilit…

Hahahaha.. hoi Cata!... ig.unsa man gyud mo ni Yong An ug ni
Manong Frank.. wahahahahahahaha


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