Saturday, July 7

DevCom Orientation & Acquaintance party

yesterday was the Orientation and Acquaintance Party of


it was fun.. it wasn’t the usual party that we had.. and the
DevCom students really showed their talents... our Acquaintance party seemed
like a talent showdown... hahahaha...

neweiz, here are some of the things that happned last night...






Ghen and Gabby, chasing Cata... part of the game.. it's like a modified, trip to Jerusalem...


hahahaha.. what's going on here, ella?... hahahaha


The RRJ's (rick, ricky and Jomvi) Charcharan Dance...
we just call it charcharan.. i dont know.. toinkzz



with our Instructor Prof. Gravoso

ok.. so that's all... im not gonna put all my pics here... hahahaha..
neweiz, before i forget, yesterday was also my father and the twin's birthday...


so.. that's it... after the party, we went to Godfather...

and finally Glenn and I have seen each other after quite a long time now... well, Glenn is my high school friend (barkada).. and he's from Norway... he's half Norwegian... and truth is, it's my first time to meet his parents.. hahahahaha..... well, his parents are nice....


that's Glenn, the one with a tattooo...

and im gonna end this entry here...

actually, i was planning to share how i got disappointed with my friend last night... but i reallized, what's the use.. hahahahaha..
we're ok... were friends.. and we forgive and forget... ;)

hei, told you im gonna end it here...


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