Thursday, July 12

an FCICian stole my poem


you chose to play the game with me
a fair player i thought you will be
a played with you with all valor
but there's more you're looking for

slowly and slowly i can feel it
you tricked me bit by bit
i dont know why i became lame
yes, i admit you won that game

now you wanna play it again
and pledge to never leave a stain
but better look before you leap
so you wont fall into the deep

lost the game once but never twice
now i am more clever and wise
you thought im just a plain looser
you're wrong im born to be winner!

somebody stole
this poem from me... i dont know.. i posted this poem in the literature section
in Proudbisdak forum until Mecana asked me if this is the poem in the rover.
Rover is our school paper back in high school, in FCIC... i was a little shock
coz, i didnt submit any article or poem in our school paper (which is one of my
frustrations, back in high school.. huhuhuhu) so i asked her, if she have read
this poem from the Rover... and it was positive.. she told me she is certain
that this poem was in the Rover...

i was wondering how come, my poem
be published in Rover when i didnt even submit it?.. i check my old Rover to
see if I only have memory loss (hahaha) but there was no poem…

so I told Mecana
that I wrote this poem back in 4th year high and im sure that I didn’t
submit it.. well, she told me that I should check those rover issues after I graduated..

I haven’t
checked yet… I still have to ask my cousin if they still have their Rover…

neweiz, I just
want to know who stole my poem.. I hate it when people copy my stuff without
asking permission… oh well, who doesn’t?

this isn’t that nice, but hey,
this is still my work.. This should be copyrighted…

im wondering,
how she got my poem.. maybe she got it from my blank book.. I lost my blank
book back in high school.. I don’t know where was it coz, it was being borrowed by almost everybody.. that blank book was where I put my poems and articles
from the internet that I love…

Hey, FCICians,
will anybody of you please tell me who stole my work?... or maybe just help me
remember that I submitted this poem… ahihihi…. thankzzz…



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