Thursday, August 9

MS VSU 2007


Finaly the the search for MS. VSU is over… and Kristine Ortega, an HRTM student got the crown…

And this is the result

Best in Naiad Costume - Candidate #1 (CEAI)
Miss Photogenic - Candidate #1 (CEAI)
Best in Swimwear - Candidate #2 (CE-HRTM)
Best in Evening Gown - Candidate #9 (CA)
Best in Talent - Candidate #4 (CE-DVM)

4th Runner up - Candidate #10 (VSU-VC)
3rd Runner up - Candidate #8 (CAS)
2nd Runner up - Candidate #9 (CA)
1st Runner up - Candidate #1 (CEAI)

MISS VSU 2007 - Candidate #2 (CE-HRTM)

I don’t know… but actually I don’t really think that candidate # 1 should be in the top five… she wasn’t able to answer the preliminary question, which is about their bio data… but I was expecting a little that she’ll be in the top five since she is pretty… almost everybody thinks that she’s the prettiest and some even think that she’s the only pretty candidate.. so that must be the biggest factor that pulled her up to the top five…

Candidate number 8 was such an attention stealer… actually she walks and pose like she’s joining a Ms. Gay pageant…hahahah…. and that is why she can catch attention… she’s different from the others… and oh, she’s smart too.. but during the final question and answer portion, her answer isn’t really convinving…

I really wanted Ghen to win.. of course she is representing our college and she’s a classmate and a friend… and I know her preparation for this pageant.. But, I think her answer to the question isn’t really convincing… she should have elaborated her answer… I was actually expecting that she would elaborate it…

The newly crowned Ms. VSU surely deserves it… she gave a convincing answer to both question and answer portion… and wow! this is actually the first time Kris-kris joined a beauty pageant…

Neweiz, im really sory people but this is just my opinion… and oh, you can have your opinion too.. hahaha

And oh, Congrats to all!... ;)


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