Saturday, August 18

when a friend betrays

Have you ever experienced being betrayed by a friend?.. by
someone you really trust?...


Well, that would surely suck… I was thinking about that
before.. I thought that I would really be disappointed, hurt, crushed and mad
or even furious if somebody whom I trust most will only betray me or break my trust…


Say for example, that someone I trust will steal something
from me… i don’t really know how I would react.. would I still befriend that
someone or not?.. I don’t know but im sure id be mad… I don’t know if I can
still forgive that someone.. hey, were friends if he/she needs something he/she
can always ask me…


Neweiz, last April a friend of mine(friend1) lost her n7610
phone… and we had no other suspect but friend2… we just couldn’t tell it
straight to her… but everybody in the resort also suspected her… but since we don’t
really have evidence we just treated her as if nothing happened… everything is
so normal… but of course we cant totally trust her anymore… she already broke the trust...


I don’t know if she was bothered by her conscience after
seeing friend1 cry a river for loosing that phone. Friend1 couldn’t sleep because
she knows that her sister will be mad at her and wont trust her anymore… plus
there have been issues between her and her sister.


Well, I just found out last week from one of my friend (friend3)
that this friend2 stole her n6680 phone. She told me everything. How she was
sure that she was the one who stole it.. she kept asking friend2 to return the
phone but friend2 keeps on denying… until her aunt decided to bring police in
their home.. and yeah, there was the phone.. lucky it was still there and the
phone is now in the hands of the real owner..


Can you imagine that?.. We trusted her and that is all she
will do in return.. how shameful!....


I don’t really know what im feeling right now… should I be
mad?.. should I despise her? Should I hate her?... I don’t know…


Somebody keeps telling me that we shouldn’t befriend her
anymore… yeah, there’s a point cause we’ve been a true friend but she wasn’t… I
don’t know, I still believe that true friend can forgive… but right now, I don’t


I think what friend3 did was already shameful.. I just hope
that friend2 already had enough…


An oh, I kinda blame the boyfriend… he was actually a bad
influence.. I think the boyfriend has something to do with her actions… and I don’t
think the boyfriend really loves her.. duh!


Why are some people too blind to see the reality?


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