Saturday, September 29

mean people

hai naku!.. this world is full of mean people... i better get used to that... waaaaaaaahhhh

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Sunday, September 16

survey... whatever

duh!... just got this survey from friendster bulletin posted by ate Zing... and i enjoyed reading ate Zing's answers... so i tried answering too.. im actually working on my thesis outline right now.. hoping my inc in my 198 wont lapse.. but i really cant concentrate.. i dont know if im doing this right... waaaaaahhhhhh.. so i just visited my friendster acount to relax.. duh!... All thesis and no friendster makes Josie a dull girl... waaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh

1. Name one person who always text you.
- eman... automatic... waaaaaahhhh

2. Do you think some people are born stupid?
- i dont know.. i think they just act
stupid... whatever...

3. Name one negative thing about you?

- i dont know.. i think i easily get disappointed..

4. Status?
- single.. since birth.. bwahahahaha

5. What were you doing 30 minutes ago?
- working on my thesis outline... waaaaaaahhhhhhhh

6. Sport you wanted to learn?
- billiard (its what i can think of right now)

7. Ever tried gymnastics?
- yeah.. floor exercise and trampoline.. from my PE 11 class...

8. What was the last thing you bought?
- burger steak meal and rocky road sundae..

9. Do you talk a lot?
- yeah... i guess.. sometimes...!!!

10.Do you believe that love is blind?
- nope... it sees but doesnt mind... ahihihihi

11.Where is your brother?
- He's working in Palo.. a statistician in Bureau of Agricultural Statistics ..

12.How was your day yesterday?

- ok ra sad.. anah.. ahihihi

13. What is the last ice cream flavor you had?
- rocky road

14.Are you an optimistic one?
- totally.. i guess...

15.People describe you as....
- funny and loud and careless and sweet...

16.Contented in life?
- i dont know.. i hope.. ahihihi..

17.What was the last thing you bought?

- same question will get same answer...
its burger steak meal and rocky road sundae

18.Are you happy with the love of your life?
- who is the love of my life anyway?... duh!

19.Do you skip meals?
- yeah sometimes... and now im suffering from peptic ulcer

20.Do you consider yourself smart?
- yeah.. sometimes... bwahahahaha

21.What color is your gate?
- gate?.. what gate?.. we dont have  what kind of question is this?..

22.Reason for living?
- God... He gave me life that i should live...

23.Are you typically a jolly person?
- yeah.. totally...

24.Name one enemy of yours:
- i dont have one... talk about good girl

25.Name one close guy friend:
- Mico Cotiamco... my best bud

26.Who's the first person in your phonebook?

- Abby

27.What did the last text message you received say?
- "Wow.. nindotag mga stunts oi.. ganahan gyud ko... hekhekhek"
(actually wla ko karelate... bwahahahaha)

28.Do you go to gym?
- what for?.. im already sexy... hahahaha... joke...

29.Song playing at the moment:

- Letter to You by Finch

30.How do you cope with stress?

- sleep.. surf the net

31.Ever broken someone's heart?
- i dont think i have broken someone's heart... duh!

32. What makes you happy?
- do i really have to mention everything that makes me happy?... Good things make
me happy

33. What is the last thing you said aloud?
- CJ!.. samoka nimo oi!.. Will you
please get out of my room!.. your
distracting me!...

34. How much is your tuition fee?
- 4,000 php i guess.. and that's for the whole sem...

35. Is someone bitter to you?

- i guess...

36. last person u textd? about wat?
- eman.. still txting with him right now... its about this movie he's watching that i cant really relate to.. waaaaaaaahhhhhhh

37. last thing you ate?
- hopia...

38. ever made someone cry?
- yeah... and i didnt mean it... huhuhu

39. do u drink any alcohol beverages?

- sometimes... occasionally... duh!

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Saturday, September 15

kapoi pero bawi sa kaon

Well, the last two days were quiet tiring days… we went to 5
baranggays here in Baybay City (2 baranggays on Thursday and 3 on fridsy) to
interview some tree farmers… this is for our project in DC141 class…


neweiz, here are some of our pics..




P9140063   P9140073




it may be tiring pero binawi naman ng kainan…  lakas ata kumain ng mga broad majors..

neweiz, its actually our intramurals week pero di ko nafeel... even a single game wala akong napanood...pero cge ok na rin... manood na lang ako ng dance palabas... i should not miss it.. ahihihih

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Friday, September 7

new friend

I met a new friend today… isn’t that amazing?.. harharhar.. whatever..

Neweiz, it all started inside the multicab on my way to school this afternoon. She was the actually the first one to talk to me.. she was like “Devcom ka te oh?” (Your taking up devcom right?) and I was like “yeah, how did you know?” and the conversation goes on… hehehehe

It’s Friday which means its carless day… all vehicles are not allowed inside the campus until 5 pm… and she was carrying a box full of groceries… I asked her if she can carry it to the dorm, coz looks like its really heavy… she told me, she can handle it… but when we arrived I just can see that its really heavy I should help her… and yeah, its really heavy… come on she cant carry it alone… ahihihihi

Well, that’s all.. im just glad I met a new friend.. her name is Emelyn...
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