Friday, September 7

new friend

I met a new friend today… isn’t that amazing?.. harharhar.. whatever..

Neweiz, it all started inside the multicab on my way to school this afternoon. She was the actually the first one to talk to me.. she was like “Devcom ka te oh?” (Your taking up devcom right?) and I was like “yeah, how did you know?” and the conversation goes on… hehehehe

It’s Friday which means its carless day… all vehicles are not allowed inside the campus until 5 pm… and she was carrying a box full of groceries… I asked her if she can carry it to the dorm, coz looks like its really heavy… she told me, she can handle it… but when we arrived I just can see that its really heavy I should help her… and yeah, its really heavy… come on she cant carry it alone… ahihihihi

Well, that’s all.. im just glad I met a new friend.. her name is Emelyn...


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