Sunday, September 16

survey... whatever

duh!... just got this survey from friendster bulletin posted by ate Zing... and i enjoyed reading ate Zing's answers... so i tried answering too.. im actually working on my thesis outline right now.. hoping my inc in my 198 wont lapse.. but i really cant concentrate.. i dont know if im doing this right... waaaaaahhhhhh.. so i just visited my friendster acount to relax.. duh!... All thesis and no friendster makes Josie a dull girl... waaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh

1. Name one person who always text you.
- eman... automatic... waaaaaahhhh

2. Do you think some people are born stupid?
- i dont know.. i think they just act
stupid... whatever...

3. Name one negative thing about you?

- i dont know.. i think i easily get disappointed..

4. Status?
- single.. since birth.. bwahahahaha

5. What were you doing 30 minutes ago?
- working on my thesis outline... waaaaaaahhhhhhhh

6. Sport you wanted to learn?
- billiard (its what i can think of right now)

7. Ever tried gymnastics?
- yeah.. floor exercise and trampoline.. from my PE 11 class...

8. What was the last thing you bought?
- burger steak meal and rocky road sundae..

9. Do you talk a lot?
- yeah... i guess.. sometimes...!!!

10.Do you believe that love is blind?
- nope... it sees but doesnt mind... ahihihihi

11.Where is your brother?
- He's working in Palo.. a statistician in Bureau of Agricultural Statistics ..

12.How was your day yesterday?

- ok ra sad.. anah.. ahihihi

13. What is the last ice cream flavor you had?
- rocky road

14.Are you an optimistic one?
- totally.. i guess...

15.People describe you as....
- funny and loud and careless and sweet...

16.Contented in life?
- i dont know.. i hope.. ahihihi..

17.What was the last thing you bought?

- same question will get same answer...
its burger steak meal and rocky road sundae

18.Are you happy with the love of your life?
- who is the love of my life anyway?... duh!

19.Do you skip meals?
- yeah sometimes... and now im suffering from peptic ulcer

20.Do you consider yourself smart?
- yeah.. sometimes... bwahahahaha

21.What color is your gate?
- gate?.. what gate?.. we dont have  what kind of question is this?..

22.Reason for living?
- God... He gave me life that i should live...

23.Are you typically a jolly person?
- yeah.. totally...

24.Name one enemy of yours:
- i dont have one... talk about good girl

25.Name one close guy friend:
- Mico Cotiamco... my best bud

26.Who's the first person in your phonebook?

- Abby

27.What did the last text message you received say?
- "Wow.. nindotag mga stunts oi.. ganahan gyud ko... hekhekhek"
(actually wla ko karelate... bwahahahaha)

28.Do you go to gym?
- what for?.. im already sexy... hahahaha... joke...

29.Song playing at the moment:

- Letter to You by Finch

30.How do you cope with stress?

- sleep.. surf the net

31.Ever broken someone's heart?
- i dont think i have broken someone's heart... duh!

32. What makes you happy?
- do i really have to mention everything that makes me happy?... Good things make
me happy

33. What is the last thing you said aloud?
- CJ!.. samoka nimo oi!.. Will you
please get out of my room!.. your
distracting me!...

34. How much is your tuition fee?
- 4,000 php i guess.. and that's for the whole sem...

35. Is someone bitter to you?

- i guess...

36. last person u textd? about wat?
- eman.. still txting with him right now... its about this movie he's watching that i cant really relate to.. waaaaaaaahhhhhhh

37. last thing you ate?
- hopia...

38. ever made someone cry?
- yeah... and i didnt mean it... huhuhu

39. do u drink any alcohol beverages?

- sometimes... occasionally... duh!


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