Sunday, October 7

they marry, they separate... adultery

I havent watch
tv for quiet a long time now… its because im always into computer.. im always
on the net… plus my niece is the owner of our TV… she would cry reeeeaaaally
loud if somebody will change the channel… my five year old niece only knows two
channel, Disney and cartoon network..

Neweiz, yesterday while my classmate
rick is working in my pc I decided to watch tv coz im already tired lying down
in my bed.. lucky my niece is asleep… so I came to watch this celebrity-oriented
show (I forgot if was that entertainment konek or was that startalk?)..

Neweiz, that time a celebrity separated
with her husband was the guest that time…


This made me
think that a lot of celebrity are separated…. It like people in the show
business treats marriage that easy… they marry, they separate…

Duh!.. People in show business are
models of adultery…


Divorce = adultery

Lucky there is
no divorce in the


but what’s the big difference between divorce and annulment?

Its still the same… they marry, they separate..


Suggested readings: (please read the bible)



5: 31-32


Corinthians 7:10-13


Please please please read read
read read… don’t let your bible rot in the corner…





neweiz, xplanation of these verses are in  "xpressionlane"... direct link Christian Living Forum Board 

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Friday, October 5

thank you for viewing my profile

im actually supposed to blog about this last night... but because of my memory loss, i forgot of what im supposed to blog about... waaahhhhhh...
i was trying to remember last night, what was the topic ill be blogging that time... coz earlier that night, while my two gay friends/classmates and I were talking about anything and everything, my friend got to talk about friendster. Jomvi was asking me, if people will have interest on adding people who's profile are set to private... well, i don't think so.. people usually add people in their friendster friends' list if they like or enjoy somebody's profile... at least, except those who personally know that person who's profile is set to private... and those people who are just collecting people in their list.
neweiz, he asked me about that because he thinks people with private profile are sick... specially those who kept on viewing his... hahahahahaha
and so, that conversation made me remember that i was once checking the people who viewed me that day.. then, i came to a profile which was set to private but her shout was was like "thank you for viewing my profile... blah blah blah" that made me laugh a little coz, i thought that who would care about her profile if her profile was set to private.. duh!

i totally forgot about this last night... so when i saw Rick and Jomvi in the university, i asked them what was that thing i told them im going to blog about... lucky, Rick remembered.. lol

and oh... Thank you for reading my blog.... ;)

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Wednesday, October 3

im in blogger

i have always been thinking if creating an acount in blogger..
i was thinking of creating a blog about things i noticed in life.. like some unnoticeable mistakes people create and things like that...

and yeah.. finaly.. my new blog...

Loitering and Noticing

actually i was thinking of naming it Unnoticeably Noticeable.. but i realize that Loitering and Noticing would be better.. or at least i think so... waaaaaaaaaahhhh

neweiz, dont forget to visit my new blog... u can link me and i can link u back in my site...

and oh, id still be updating this one... ;)

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Tuesday, October 2

i hate my life

waaaaaaahhhhhhh.. im going crazy... im loosing my mind...
im so sensitive... parang di ko nasasakyan mga jokes ng mga tao...
plus, it seems like nobody understands me inmy own home...
waahhhhhhhhhh... i want to know who nobody is and thank him/her for understanding me.......
even here at home... i always get the blame... everything... it seems that my own parents hate me.... sometimes, all i could wish is that i will wake up one day in the middle of nowhere... i want somewhere far... where people dont really know me...

im trying not to cry... or at least showing them im ok... im not crying or anything... but i cant...

its like i didnt do anything but i still get the blame....

all i can saynow is I HATE MY LIFE!....

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