Tuesday, November 6

lost my phone

Waaaaaaaahhhhh.. I almost lost my phone.. and when I say
almost.. its really almost… not like the last time that it was just in my
pocket… ahihihi

So here is the story…

Today is Brent’s first bday.. that’s Em-em’s son.. nheir,
rizza, ghen and I went to the party… when we arrived their… I noticed that my
phone is not in my pocket… and I can remember that I picked it up in the bed
before we left the house… I was kinda worried… if I lost the phone im sure my
parents wouldn’t trust me anymore… since this would be my second time if ill
lost this… plus this phone is still on G-plan…

Ghen and I hurried back home… hoping I just left it… ghen,
called my phone and its ringing... when we arrived back home, I ran fast,
picked up our landline and dialed my number… its ringing but I couldn’t hear my
mobile ring… its not inside this small house… that made me worried… positive
that it could have slipped in my pocket or what in our ride their…

I called my number until its out of reached… I pressed
redial until somebody answred it…

At first, nobody in the next line answered… I can only hear
the background… so I was like “hello?!.. Hello?!... Kuya!” (as if begging him
to answer me)… so yeah, he did.. he told me he was actually on the way, going
to look for me at where we stopped… he even said he really don’t know how to
use it… so I said, that I will just wait him here…

He was an equal opportunity lover as what Jomvi always say..
he asked for something in return…

Oh well, i gave him a little amount of money… and of course
my gratitude…


Thank God my mobile is back…




we went there at 12 but the party is will actually start at
three.. nobody was there yet… waaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh.. talk about miscommunication…


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