Wednesday, December 19

for all the men who smoke

I want you all to know that “you
!”.. waaaaaaaahhhhhh


Haven’t you realize that you smell bad after you smoke?...


One day, I was browsing the net in the campus internet café
with my classmate. Minutes later, another student came and used the computer
beside me. There wasn’t really any problem, the only problem is that he stinks…
I was disturbed by his stinky odor… waaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh… until I can no longer
hold it, I logged out… waaaaahhhhhh


A while ago, I was in the pharmacy. While waiting for my
turn, a man stood beside me waiting for his turn too… and yeah, you guessed
it.. he stinks… waaaaahhhh… I really needed to hold my breath… waaaahhhhh



Why do you guys have to smoke?.. you see?.. your not just
destroying your body which is the




but your also
making girls run away with your stinky smell… waaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh


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