Wednesday, February 27

my reading interest

This entry reminds of Ms. Avril. She kept telling us (her journalism class) to read before we die…




it was my mom who first taught me how to read. I think I started
reading when I was around 4 - 5 years old. We had lots of beginner
books by Dr. Suess (Green Eggs and Ham and The Cat in the Hat) and P.D. Eastman (Go, Dogs GO!, Sam and the Firefly, The Fish Out of the water, Snow, etc.)
and other children's book. My mom would ask me to read it aloud and
pronounce the words correctly. Usually it was my older sister that
would correct me with my pronunciation. Sometimes, my mother would ask
me to read a book before I can go out to play. I would sit beside her and read a book while she sleeps. I just mark those words I don't understand or those that I can't read. Then, she would check the book for the words that I have marked.


I also remember owning these other hard-bound children's books like King Midas and the Golden Touch, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, The Berrestain Bears etc. And the book that I kept reading over and over again was the King Midas and the Golden Touch.


My mother also bought a complete collection of "My Bible Friends" by Etta B. Degering and "Uncle Arthur's Bible Book" by Arthur S. Maxwell for me to read.




I didn't really have the interest of reading novels. I find it boring. What I usually read are articles from Readers' Digest and Health and Home
that would heighten my interest. I remember when I was about to go to
high school and my sister is about to have her first job, she promised
me that she would collect Nancy Drew books for me.
I was like "no thanks, I don't read novels anyway. They're boring". I'd
rather have a bike than novels. (I didn't even know Nancy Drew at that
time. Not until high school.)




But in high school, the library was my favorite place to hang. I would usually spend my free time there. I'd go there to read abridged novels (usually Sherlock Holmes) that I can finish before the next class. But I have also read the unabridged "Round the World in Eighty Days" and "





". I borrowed it from the library.


when I transferred school, I didn't get to visit the library like
before. I guess maybe because of the school system. So all I read are
again articles from Readers' Digest, Health and Home and Candy
magazine. Also I just read books that are available at home.




Last year, when the Da Vinci Code was the talk-of-the-earth my brother got interested. But when he went to the National Bookstore it was all sold out. So he bought Dan Brown's Angels and Demons instead.
He gave it to me after he finished reading it. I find it interesting
and I got hooked into it. We would even discuss about it during meal
times.  After that, he borrowed Da Vinci Code from his officemate for the both of us to read.


He also gave me another novel. It was John Grisham's The Firm.
It captured his interest since it was about a lawyer and he is taking
up Bachelor of Laws but it didn't capture mine. Until now I haven't
read it. I even have it borrowed by my classmate. Lol.


But I think I will read it this vacation since I will be having more free time and it got a good review from my friend.




in all, my interest in reading are not really with novels but with
articles from serials like Readers' Digest and Health and Home and also
from articles that I find interesting in the internet. 




So why I read?.. I guess it's for me to be entertained and be aware.




**note: this is actually supposed to be a comment for an entry about reading of my instructors blog in devcompage i just realized i should put this in my blog too..

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Saturday, February 23

am i that prominent?.. hahaha

sometimes it gets irritating when you become the talk of the people...

i wonder when they will get used to it.. or maybe ill get used to it first... tsk tsk tsk tsk...

i hope they'll stop it before ill burst... waaaaaaaaahhhhhhh

now, dont ask me what im talking about... coz im not gonna tell... what's in ur mind is whats in your mind...

oh well, if I weren't worth anything then they wouldn't bother...

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Monday, February 18

heart of worship

Finaly, I am baptized with water..


were shocked when they found out that I haven't been baptized yet. Even
our Pastor was shocked when I suddenly came for the baptism. Lol… I guess maybe because I have been in AG since birth. And my family are all Christians and I grew up knowing God


I already decided to undergo water baptism when I was still a kid. But
then, my father told me not to since I was still young and also Jesus
was baptized at age 33 then why should I be baptized at a young age?
Well, that was what I remember he told me. I don't know if he was
serious with that or he was just kidding that I shouldn't undergo
baptism yet. But I took it seriously.


So yeah, I went through high school with my Christian and not so Christian life.
I think I have done most the things a typical teenager would do. I have
a lot of friends which people would think are not good examples. I have
a lot of worldly friends. Well, they didn't really influence me that
much. Although people from our church thinks I am totally lost (I know,
they were thinking that way), I didn't really totally neglected my
relationship with God. I would even share God's words with some of my
friends. I usually do it in a conversational manner. Yet I admit I have
fallen down a lot of times.


I admit there are
times in which instead of waking up early on Sundays to attend the
worship service, im in my bed fast asleep. Usually I'm hard to awaken
during Sundays and I would give my mom different alibis so that I can't
get up from my bed. Sometimes if I would attend the Sunday worship
service I am so late that I can't even join the praise and worship. Oh well, most of the time I'm with my mom and most of the time my mom is so slow.


My life continued this way until college. (I had a new group of friends and these were my classmates.)
Yet, I have become a little mature this time. I have become concerned
with my spiritual life but still I admit I haven't turned my back to
all the worldly things.


I still have an
inactive spiritual life. There were times when it feels like I have a
very weak spiritual life. I don't go to church on Sundays and I sleep
and wake up without talking to God/ praying (I can't really sleep
without praying and I cant start a day without praying as I wake up). I
don't know what happened to me. Anyway, one of the reasons that I don't
go to church on Sundays was that we had a lot of overtimes/overnight in
our department for our assignments and projects. We would work even on
Saturday nights and on Sunday morning ill be sleeping. With all those
Sundays that I haven't attended the Sunday worship service I lost my
eagerness to go to church.


That was until I realized I miss a lot of fun church activities and I felt like I am walking away from Jesus.
I made a commitment to myself that I will renew my relationship with
God. I promised myself to return to God. I just realized that life is too short to be wasted with all those worldly things. Now I will be working for my salvation. I realized I don't want to end my college life with a very weak spiritual life.--


on Saturdays it was I that will remind my mother to wake up early the
next day so that we won't be late on going to church. Until one Sunday,
all youth were requested to stay after the service for a meeting for
the presentation for the Christmas party. I was at first hesitant to
stay for the meeting until I decided to stay and grabbed my friend
Kitty with me. We decided to join the presentation. When it was
announced that there will be a youth fellowship, I really had the heart
to join while kitty was in doubt. I told her that if she will join then
I will certainly will.


I'm glad we (kitty and I) joined that fellowship and the drama presentation coz we developed friendship with other youth.



I was baptized last Sunday that was February 10, 2008. That baptism
will be my covenant to God that I will be following his way. That
baptism means that I am creating a new relationship with God and I pray
that I won't be lost again.


And please help me pray…






if there is one song that will fit my life now that will be Heart of Worship


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Monday, February 4

Blog Time Again

Ahihihi.. finaly I can post another entry…. Lol

Well, connection is back… globelines broadband has been down
for almost two weeks… tsk tsk tsk…


Neweiz, many things happened in my life this month… and I
don’t think im gonna enumerate all… hahahaha…

I guess ill just jot down everything that will come out in
my mind…

but before anything else.. let me have a speedtest...

totally unsatisfied with the result.. tsk tsk tsk... connection is still slow... my first time to use speedtest i have 800+ download speed... and now?... i only have 200 + download speed?.. tsk tsk tsk

* * * * *

After two months (or maybe almost) of unlimited texting
globe-globe, (6,000 plus of text messages sent) globe has finally realized I
have enough… waahhh…

What happened?.. I was just registering to globe unlitxt20
one day.. the next day, when I woke up I expected to see a text message from
UNLITXT that my unlimited txt have expired… but there was none.. so I tried to
txt somebody and checked my available balance if they charged it… but wow..
they didn’t.. hahaha… so, yeah,.. I was unlimited for like two months…

and right now… for all my friend’s reading this… im sorry if
I haven’t been txting you lately coz I no longer have reason to register to
unlimited text…


* * * * *

Some text messages I have received that struck me that I am
keeping in my inbox….





one time of your life, the one you have valued the most will unexpectedly turn
out to be the greatest stranger you have ever met….


From Fergie:

 In love, you have to expect absence
in some point… but that doesn’t mean an end… all you have to do is wait … give
the person space, coz true love is proven when a person has seen the best
people in the world but still turns back to where you are, reaches for your
hand and chooses you above the world’s best…


From Joyce:

we realize to change for the better just when the situation got wore… we
realize to to finally correct out mistakes just when those mistakes have caused
irreversible damage… we finally decide to prove ourselves worthy just when the
person whom you want to prove your worth has already decided that your not
worth it at all.. most of the lessons are learned when the test is over… that’s
how ironic life is…


From Nimrod:

 Nothing in life makes us grow more
than the way we respond to challenges… so don’t be afraid to encounter risk for
its by taking chances that we learn how to be brave…


From Lilay:

 Sometimes, no matter how you miss
someone, it’s still wiser not to have that person back again…



Neweiz, are you guys psychic?... do you guys know what is
currently happening in my life?... waaaaaaaahhhhhhhh….


* * * * *


New close friends from church… Raymond, Dindin, Kitty and I… I think this friendship developed during
the 14th circuit 1 AG youth fellowship in Bato,


its fun hanging with them… specially I am hanging with Christian youth… keeps
me away from worldly things… lol;)

And oh, according to Raymond, our friendship is solid…



Im glad me and Kitty attended that youth fellowship… ;)

Youth_fellowship_024  Youth_fellowship_057

Youth_fellowship_051_1 Youth_fellowship_095

* * * * *

The last time I have attended a Cell Group Bible Study
according to what I have remembered was like back when I was 12 or 13… Me and
Pakwan used to attend… now, im back to attending BS after like 5 or 6 years…
that was until Dindin brought me to the Acts Cell Group… Im actually an Acts
youth ever since… I just don’t attend to BS even though my big bro keeps
inviting me to go with him… hahaha… now, im enjoying it… and I am developing friendship
with other youth… oh well, its because, im coming back to the heart of
worship.. ;)


* * * * *

February 11, 2008 – Thesis manuscript approved by the thesis

February 29, 2008 – Thesis manuscript  approved by the SRC members…


Waaahh… Feb 11 is next week…i hope I can beat that deadline…
neweiz, those schedule are just guide… we don’t necessarily have to beat it…

My adviser said, she thinks we cant beat the Feb 11… and oh,
she will be going to Hongkong this 15… better work on my manuscript now..


* * * * *

Neweiz, right now… im in a
confusing and not so ok situation…. Hope I can handle this… and hold on to the decision
I have made…


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