Monday, February 18

heart of worship

Finaly, I am baptized with water..


were shocked when they found out that I haven't been baptized yet. Even
our Pastor was shocked when I suddenly came for the baptism. Lol… I guess maybe because I have been in AG since birth. And my family are all Christians and I grew up knowing God


I already decided to undergo water baptism when I was still a kid. But
then, my father told me not to since I was still young and also Jesus
was baptized at age 33 then why should I be baptized at a young age?
Well, that was what I remember he told me. I don't know if he was
serious with that or he was just kidding that I shouldn't undergo
baptism yet. But I took it seriously.


So yeah, I went through high school with my Christian and not so Christian life.
I think I have done most the things a typical teenager would do. I have
a lot of friends which people would think are not good examples. I have
a lot of worldly friends. Well, they didn't really influence me that
much. Although people from our church thinks I am totally lost (I know,
they were thinking that way), I didn't really totally neglected my
relationship with God. I would even share God's words with some of my
friends. I usually do it in a conversational manner. Yet I admit I have
fallen down a lot of times.


I admit there are
times in which instead of waking up early on Sundays to attend the
worship service, im in my bed fast asleep. Usually I'm hard to awaken
during Sundays and I would give my mom different alibis so that I can't
get up from my bed. Sometimes if I would attend the Sunday worship
service I am so late that I can't even join the praise and worship. Oh well, most of the time I'm with my mom and most of the time my mom is so slow.


My life continued this way until college. (I had a new group of friends and these were my classmates.)
Yet, I have become a little mature this time. I have become concerned
with my spiritual life but still I admit I haven't turned my back to
all the worldly things.


I still have an
inactive spiritual life. There were times when it feels like I have a
very weak spiritual life. I don't go to church on Sundays and I sleep
and wake up without talking to God/ praying (I can't really sleep
without praying and I cant start a day without praying as I wake up). I
don't know what happened to me. Anyway, one of the reasons that I don't
go to church on Sundays was that we had a lot of overtimes/overnight in
our department for our assignments and projects. We would work even on
Saturday nights and on Sunday morning ill be sleeping. With all those
Sundays that I haven't attended the Sunday worship service I lost my
eagerness to go to church.


That was until I realized I miss a lot of fun church activities and I felt like I am walking away from Jesus.
I made a commitment to myself that I will renew my relationship with
God. I promised myself to return to God. I just realized that life is too short to be wasted with all those worldly things. Now I will be working for my salvation. I realized I don't want to end my college life with a very weak spiritual life.--


on Saturdays it was I that will remind my mother to wake up early the
next day so that we won't be late on going to church. Until one Sunday,
all youth were requested to stay after the service for a meeting for
the presentation for the Christmas party. I was at first hesitant to
stay for the meeting until I decided to stay and grabbed my friend
Kitty with me. We decided to join the presentation. When it was
announced that there will be a youth fellowship, I really had the heart
to join while kitty was in doubt. I told her that if she will join then
I will certainly will.


I'm glad we (kitty and I) joined that fellowship and the drama presentation coz we developed friendship with other youth.



I was baptized last Sunday that was February 10, 2008. That baptism
will be my covenant to God that I will be following his way. That
baptism means that I am creating a new relationship with God and I pray
that I won't be lost again.


And please help me pray…






if there is one song that will fit my life now that will be Heart of Worship



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