Thursday, March 27

my thesis acknowledgement

Now to Him who is able to do
immeasurably more than we ask or imagine, according to His power that is at
work within us. Ephesians 3:20


piece of work will never be accomplished without our God Almighty with His blessings
and His power that work within me and also without the people behind my life
for inspiring, guiding and accompanying me through thick and thin.


would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to my family, Mama Lorie,
Bcheer, Manang Tian-tian, Kuya Jong-jong and Ate Intsik
. Thanks for all the love and support
even though I am pasaway.


my adviser, Ma’am
, thank you very much for patiently correcting and editing my
manuscript and for being like a mother to us, your advisees, and your students.
I honestly thank God that He gave you as my adviser.


my SRC, Ma’am Annabelle and Sir Rotach,
thank you for imparting your knowledge and for checking and editing my work for
those things that Ma’am Moni may have missed.


the DDC Family, especially to Ma’am
Daday, Ma’am Freda, Sir Jude, Ma’am Avril, and Ma’am Ev
, thank you for
sharing with us your knowledge and showing us what DevCom is about.


Ate Minda and Manong Frank, thank
you for all your kindness.


, especially to Ate Mariss, Ate Lalang, and Kuya Angelo,
thank you for accepting us in DYAC and for letting us use your computer to edit
our recordings.


my DC classmates, Genevie-an, you never get
tired of thinking of other people, thank you for that. Rick,
thanks for always being their when I need your help and company. Jennefer, thanks for being there when I need someone
to talk to, you know me more than our other classmates. Ching-ching, thanks for your yummy chocolate cake and for just
letting us in and out of your house. Emilee, I
will never forget our chikas and our agib-agib moments, I will see you in every
Fernandez clan reunion. Sherma, I will never
forget the way you laugh and just continue being simple and humble.


ang banko ng bayan, thanks for
lending us your money when we need it. Iking
thanks for making the class jolly and lively. You help the class forget their
worries even for a while. Jomvi, thanks for all
those fashion tips and trivia that we don’t really understand. Jean and Ate Lanie, thanks for all your words of wisdom.
To not-so-shy Shy, serious Cathy, Ireen the
writer, simple ate Jyt, the small but terrible Ate Tonet and chinita ate
thanks for all those chikahan
and the friendship. Kuya Robel and Kuya June
thanks for being like a real big brother. Kuya Mervyn,
thanks for the friendship and the chikahan
inside Ma’am Moni’s office while working with our thesis. Gian, Emman and Jayson, thanks for the laughter and
fun experiences we’ve shared. Jabby and Marriane,
hope you graduated as a DevCom student with us but still I thank God for all
the moments we have shared. To wrap it up, thanks everyone, for making my college life
fun, enjoyable and sometimes unforgettable. And thanks for making the “morning
the nights” session untiring and enjoyable experience


my Baybay Assembly of God family,
especially to the BAG youth, thanks to Pastor Don,
kuya Joey, Crissol, Arjane, Michael, Paulo, Mandy,
Bem-bem, May, Leinefe
especially to Raymond,
and of course to Christopher. And to the rest, whom I failed to
mention, thank you very much for your prayers. It really helped a lot.


my dearest friends and barkada,
thanks for being there for me when I need you. Fergie thanks for being there for
me since first grade. You are no longer a friend you’re already a sister to me.
my best boy buddy, thanks for the overnight chikahan,
may it be personal, thru txt or YM and for the assurance of standing for me
always. Bebing,
thanks for volunteering yourself to help me process my clearance form. Thanks
for accompanying me always; you even enrolled yourself in BSDC just so we can
be together. To these pretty ladies, April, Marriane, Naji,
Ate Joan, Laarnie, Kathy, Rizza, Nheir, Em and Itat
, and to these
handsome boys, Seasee, Samboy, Joben, Jasper, Neil,
Glenn, Al, Archie, Ogie
and to the rest whom I failed to mention, thanks
for making my high school life a wonderful experience and thanks for all your
support and for believing in me.


everybody that has been a part of my life but I failed to mention, thank you
very much. There won’t be enough space if I will mention you all.







** thanks Iking for the special delivery of my personal copy of my thesis... lol

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Monday, March 24

we met an accident.. huhuh

met a motorcycle accident this morning with bebing but the injury isnt really that bad.. i guess.. just scratches in my back and in my elbow... and in bebings right foot...
im taking the blame coz i was the one driving the motorcycle.. huhuhuhu...
sorry bing, dont worry i will let you eat lot of lechon after my graduation.. lol..

neweiz, here is my injury... waaahhhh.. please dont mind the stretch marks.. lol

oh well, i guess that large Band-Aid my grandmother gave us will now be of use... waaaaaahhhhhh

and oh, if you'll ask me why we met an accident, the answer is because im graduating... lol... that's what i jokingly answer to my classmates.. hahaha...

implication: graduating students are prone to accidents.. lol

still, I thank God that nothing really bad happend... ;)

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