Monday, March 24

we met an accident.. huhuh

met a motorcycle accident this morning with bebing but the injury isnt really that bad.. i guess.. just scratches in my back and in my elbow... and in bebings right foot...
im taking the blame coz i was the one driving the motorcycle.. huhuhuhu...
sorry bing, dont worry i will let you eat lot of lechon after my graduation.. lol..

neweiz, here is my injury... waaahhhh.. please dont mind the stretch marks.. lol

oh well, i guess that large Band-Aid my grandmother gave us will now be of use... waaaaaahhhhhh

and oh, if you'll ask me why we met an accident, the answer is because im graduating... lol... that's what i jokingly answer to my classmates.. hahaha...

implication: graduating students are prone to accidents.. lol

still, I thank God that nothing really bad happend... ;)


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