Tuesday, April 22

where will i be after graduation?

Somebody from the VSU friendster group said that “the world seems so hard
for fresh graduates with all those discriminations”. But I think that with
prayer, determination and the right attitude you will soon land the job you
And as I was reading other people’s comment about the topic, their advice to
the fresh graduates and to those looking for a job were mostly:

1. be confident
2. wear the proper attire
3. be on time or before the time for your interview
4. fix yourself before the interview and condition your mind for possible
questions (usually based on what is written in the CV)
5. give eye-to-eye contact to the interviewer
6. be honest
7. exhibit interest, sincerity, and willingness to adapt to the future
8. pray, most of them said “pray”

Also, there was a thread in the forum about how students who graduated with
flying colors flunk in job interviews because they have poor English
communication skills and they lack confidence during the interview.

Students should not only focus on getting high grades but they should also
practice their communication skills. Student should know that practicing and
speaking English are not for DevCom students only or other communication
students, it’s for everybody.

Actually, I have been thinking of where will I, be after college. Will I
land a job in line with my course and major? Or will I end up in a call center?
Or will I take up BS psychology? Or will I pursue MS in DevCom, as what my
father suggested.

Now, I’m planning to take a break first before I’ll hunt for job. I want to
have a real vacation. I mean, I want to enjoy life free from worrying about
school and assignments. I want to be fed with a life of sleeping late and
waking up late. I still want to spend my time with friends and families for I
know that if I already have a job there will be less time to spend with them.

Maybe after two or three months I will start my job hunt.

I used to think that I should take a break for a year, but I think that
would be impossible. Now, every time I think of finding a job, what comes in my
mind is the salary and how will I budget it. The salary is what I’m really
excited about. I’m thinking that a portion of it will be for the church, a
portion for my father and another for my mother. Some will go for the rent of
where will I be staying and for my food and other necessities. I’m not yet
really thinking of what should I buy for myself all I could really think of right
now is what I should buy for my parents, a gift for all their sacrifices in
sending me to school. Maybe I will buy them a car if I can have a lot of

Where will I be after two or three months? Right now, what comes in my mind
is that I will be applying as an agent in a call center. My sister is working
in PeopleSupport, and my family is thinking that I should work and stay with
her in Manila but I don’t want to. I think Manila
is quite far and I will miss my parents and my hometown. Maybe I should work in
Cebu first and if I get used to the life away
from home then that would probably be the time that I will stay with my sister.

Actually, I have even been asking my friends in the call center about the
process of applying and how is it like to be a call center agent. I have also
been asking for tips and advice. I am also thinking of teaching English in a
Korean school. But if ill find a more interesting job then I would probably go
for it.


**note: this is actually my comment for a post in Devcompage last March.. i just edited it for my blog.. lol


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