Thursday, July 31

what my co-trainees think about me

This one is from our speaking activity we had last Tuesday, July 29, 2008.

You know the game, in which you would write your name in a paper and your paper will be passed around and the people with you in that room (friends, classmates, colleagues) will write their comment about you?... I don’t really know the name of the game but it’s what we did.


Neweiz, after that we were asked to summarize everything and state either you agree or disagree with them and present it. So here is what I got.

The comments I usually get from people are that I’m friendly and kind.  I agree with them because I don’t find it hard to approach people and make new friends. They also say that I’m pretty and sexy. I am not so sure about this since beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Some people also say that I am honest and trustworthy. Well, most of my friends find it comfortable talking to me about their problems and personal matters. Also, I am very much willing to lend them my ear if they need somebody to talk to.
They also say that I am childish, sweet and soft-spoken. I guess that is because I am the youngest among the siblings and my family usually treats me like a kid.
Some people also say that I am smart. If smart means having an IQ which is above average then I guess I am, but most of the time I feel like I’m stupid.


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