Thursday, October 9

friendship lost

Remember when we fist met?

We were in the same set

You started the conversation

And joked about my introduction

Well, I remember I just smiled with you

And gave comments on yours too

You called me Ms. American Accent

You were Acronym Master is my comment

You talked to me about something, days later

And then I tried to make you feel better

It’s a magic how it happened

You became my closest friend

It’s like we were joined at the hip

It’s a friendship nobody can rip

We made a pact to be each other’s partner

You told me that, remember?

One day you told me something

A confession I wasn’t expecting

I never really believed with what you did utter

I know from the start you’re a heartbreaker

One day, I played with your game

Promised myself to never be lame

You were just trained really well

I guess that’s why I fell

I wasted tears because of that

I guess I was a little stupid somewhat

It’s just that I missed the bonding we had

But somehow I am also glad

You are just so good at the start

You’re too coward to end your part

You think I am loosing, sliding down the ramp

But hey look, I am the real champ! 

10/09/2008 5:43am


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