Monday, October 20

i have solved my first cube

Wow.. I finally solved my first rubik’s cube…

Well, yeah, I have solved it before when PSfriend was teaching me how to, but it didn’t felt like I solved it myself coz he was the one who did the first move in solving the last layer…

Credits goes to PSfriend since he really did teach me how to solve it and I have already mastered solving the first and second layer and to How To Solve A Rubik's Cube - Step by Step Directions.

I have been watching some guide in youtube but I didn’t really take it seriously… I want to download it but I cant.. too bad we don’t have internet connection at home.. so all I had to do is to search for step by step guide in google… and that site I found is helpful.. I downloaded the site and followed the guide at home..

Neweiz, I wasn’t really into this rubik’s cube thingy until lately…

My bestfriend Yen was already into it back in college and she even got a youtube video of herself solving it. It guess she was influenced by a classmate who won an international prize for solving the cube…

Back in PS days, I don’t know what have gotten into the mind of my friend when he kept talking about rubik’s cube… he bragged about solving the cube fast… I was trying to challenge him so we made a deal that ill buy him a cube and he will show off and then buy me a notebook that I can use during the training.. the next day, he did buy two notebooks for each one of us… i promised to buy the cube the next week since I had to go to Robinsons Galleria to buy a cube and our shift that time ends at 10pm..

I was actually able to buy him a cube and its not from Galleria it’s the substandard cube that is only 25php and it didn’t last long… the blocks were totally dislocated after how many times of twisting and turning it.. haha…

Neweiz, I found a really cute rubik’s cube in Galleria. Its from Toys R Us and it was on sale… its actually worth 199.75php but if you buy two you’ll get it for only 299.75php… its actually a keychain and I found it cute… I love it coz each of us can both have one and he can teach me how to solve it… oh well, I love my rubik’s cube although im not really good at it.. hahaha

2:00 am 10/20/2008


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