Tuesday, December 9

Christmas wishlist

hei, its almost Christmas..

days just go by without me noticing it... i guess its because of my sched...

but i installed a very cute application in my desktop at the office.. its a cute chrismas tree and it has a countdown to christmas... at least i would somehow feel the spirit of christmas coz honestly, i am not feeling it...

well, it could be because i am far from home.. and there is no sign of christmas in our apartment....

neweiz, i guess i better make my wishlist now... who knows somebody might be able to read my blog and grant any of my wish.. lol

not in order:

> Sony Ericson K810 or any SE cybershot phone... (i am really hoping i can buy this before the year ends but i promised my dad to buy him a new phone so i guess i should prioritized that)

> ipod (not really my priority, but i guess i have to save money for this)

> wi fi connection (or at least i am hoping my sis would reformat her laptop so that we can finally take advantage of the free wi fi from coffee shops.. starbuck perhaps...)

> good stats and hitting the metrics at work

> quality time with friends and family (at least those who are also here in MM)

> new dress, new outfit and new pants (so the guard wont give me another infraction.. hahaha)

> good health and more blessing for my family...

i dont know.. this is all i can think of right now... more to come soon.. hahaha..

im going to update this post if i can think of something else... lol



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