Thursday, January 22

new year's resolution

oh well, i dont have anything to do again.. i might as well just update my blog...

neweiz, i have been planning on posting my new year's resolution here but i keep forgetting it... but it has been in my phone...

so yeah, here is what i wrote or should i just say i input in my phone toplay safe.. lol

> save money (i want to go home to leyte.. i need my chinabank acount number so i can deposit some of my money there and let it stay there)

> focus on work - avoid OB, improve AHT, get good CSats..

> Stop being too emotional (and im getting there.. hahaha... im becoming the old me.. lol)

> start kicking ass ( well, just dont let anybody pull me down.. )

> Prioritize God - attend small group always, never miss ushering, attend other church activity

> get lots of rest

> be n shape

> start scrapbooking (i have been planning to start my scrapbook, but dont have time and i keep missing my materials)

> learn to play the gutiar

> read some good books

wow, this list isnt really just my new year's resolution but also these are the things i am looking forward to this year...

watever.. lol

neweiz, my prayer for the year or not just for the year but for my entire life is

Create in me a clean heart o God,and renew a steadfast spirit within me... Psalms 51:10


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