Monday, March 9

alone again

here i am again in my room all alone
summer sun is burning but i am feeling cold
there you are again, haunting my mind
i hope soon i will be ok, as i was told

loud music is playing but it is still silent
in the quietness you voice is breaking
i need something that could doze me off
in the corner of my room blankly i am staring

promises were made but was never realized
lies that you told had me flattered
you swore forever but everything just end
now i am left alone and shattered

i ahve accepted the fact that you are gone
but why is it that tears still keep on falling
i am still missing you, am i insane?
probably this is the result of bitter ending

i had lots of questions in my mind
but neither one of them was answered
things seemed to be perfectly fine
i was blind the day you were uncovered

there is no forever and things just change
here i am again, lost and feeling cold
my heart has been broken to peices
yet i know soon i will be ok as i was told

[caption id="attachment_548" align="alignnone" width="224" caption="there you are again, bugging my mind"]there you are again, bugging my mind[/caption]


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