Wednesday, July 22

sun cell's false advertising

hay naku... ive been in sun cellular shop just this afternoon to follow up with my post paid application... shocks.. it was denied... and for sure it was denied because i dont have a credit card..


i guess i should apply for a credit card... i waited for the result of my applicatiojn for almost a month.. and then it was denied... whatever happened to the three day processing Sun cellular promised?... i submitted all the requirement that was written in there form and one of there representative said  that everything should be ok since my requirements are complete and then after 3 days they would ask for additional requirement.. and then ask for another... i wouldnt be that disappointed if they put everything they require in there advertisement or in the form and didnt promise for 3-day process...

what i call it?.. false advertising..

i really wanted sun cellular so i can just call my parents in the province... but since this is what happened i wish i never wasted my time applying for post paid plan in sun cellular and went for globe... Globe has a promo for our company... tsktsktsk


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