Sunday, June 6

calling all youth

i joined a really good community site today... its , its a community for the youth in South East Asia... my friend Tonette refered me there.. Tonette has been an advocate for the youth.. :)

anyway, i find this site really interesting plus, its not just a plain social networking or community website.. it gives you tons of rewards just by participating, wether answering surveys, posting shoutouts and questions and partcipating in the campaign.. and they have some sort of contest too.. you will earn contribution points, cash rewards and prizes.. really cool and everything is simple.. doesnt take much of your time... in my first day, i earned more than a hundred contribution points and some cash rewards.. and also im participating supporting the campaign to improve english.. (click here)

i have actually signed up in this site last year but just disregarded it since i am busy and was only able to acces it in the office using proxy server.. lol..
now i finally discovered that this is a really cool site..

so if your a youth, from 15-35, single or married, from South East Asia you are very much welcome in see you there... ;)

alright, enough of that...
a friend of mine named alric (hahaha.. sikat ka sa blog ko.. lol) have been noticing how i use 'neweiz' instead of anyway... lol
made me noticed that too.. i have been using that for years already, even my sister noticed that.. lol
and with all these 'jejemon' craze in the philippines, made me think am i one of them?... oh no, i dont want to be one of them.. how annoying can 'jejemon' be?... lol

so from now on, i will do my best to use anyway instead of neweiz everytime i blog... alrighty?

byebye for now...


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