Monday, June 28

I am a princes

my 7 year-old niece has been claiming that she is the Princess of the family while my father is the King...
she has been living with us since she was a year old... and she has treated my father (her grandfather) as her real father.. she has been competing with me as she is thinking that she was able to take the crown from me... Me as being the favorite.. LOL...

while both of us were eating dinner, she was talking about a princess and a little princess.. so i told her that's like us I am the princess and she is the little Princess... hahaha... since i am the daughter i should be the real princess, the one with the royal blood and that is in the rule book.. hahaha.. she wouldnt agree and wanted me to show her that rule book.. LOL... i just told her its in the heart...

anyway, while talking about it, i realized that I am a real Princess as my real father (God) is the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords... I have the right to say No.. I have the right to love and be loved.. i have the right of everything.... i guess i should just be reminded by that... because  a lot of times, i forget my worth...

in my life now, i am still praying for my prince charming or my knight in shining armor to come and rescue me... to rescue me from this tower of insane emotions,  to finally adore me as a princess... i know i am stubborn.. i wanted that man, that prince to come out in him... im not really hoping for somebody else, its still the same person...  :(

oh my!.. here i am again... tsktsktsk

got to go.. byebye for now


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