Monday, June 21

i got paid from AyuWage

im very happy to announce to the whole world that i got paid from AyuWage..
this is not a big amount though...
i was just cleaning up my spam mail, and there is a message from AyuWage (it went trough my spam that they are lowering their minimum for a cash out... it was $5 then but they lowered it to $1..
i was excited, i wanted to see if they would really pay.. if AyuWage is a legit site... and yes, i got paid..
and it was instant...
i just requested for the cash out just a couple of minutes ago.. and when i checked back.. there it is in my paypal..

so yeah, im really excited since this is my first payment from a Paid to Click (PTC) site... and i was just a member for a few days... next time, i will aim for a higher cash out... id probably go for $10, since they are also giving 400 credits if you would do so.. :)

if you dont have AyuWage account yet, sign up now.. and get paid.. cool huh?

AyuWage Services - Get Paid to Visits Sites and Complete Surveys

oh, before i forget, i would like to remind you to install the toolbar so you wont miss anything... it really helps... :) Good luck and God bless..

Byebye for now...
gingersweets of AyuWage


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